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What to eat at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

I know this is very touristy but we will probably stop by for the entertainment and want to know if there is some good food on the go while we are visiting this area?

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  1. You could do worse than Mija Cantina, one of a dozen sort-of-upscale Mexican places that opened in Boston over the last year. Respectable tacos at $4-5 a pop, but specify corn tortillas if you prefer them as I do: they default to flour. I didn't try the margaritas, but the tequila prices don't make a lot of sense, with better ones priced cheaper than lower-quality bottlings in some cases. It's a good bar to perch at and watch the crowds go by.

    Saus is another decent option, a very casual counter-service spot: good frikaandel (kind of a cross between a hot dog and gyros), Belgian-style waffles, and very good frites.

    Just off the Marketplace on nearby State Street is the excellent Zo, a Greek counter-service spot with outstanding pork gyros, chicken gyros, fine soups (like an awesome lamb chili) and salads. A few doors down from it is Sultan's Kitchen, a very serviceable Turkish counter-service place.

    You're not far on foot from the North End, either, with many options in a rather more charming neighborhood.


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      +1 on sultan's kitchen. also sakurbana on broad st. bare bones decor but reasonably good sushi.

      blue, inc. also in the neighb for modern food and some molecular gastronomy bells and whistles. very talented chef. get the squid "pasta."

      1. My biggest guilty pleasure is the veggie burger from Hillstone. I'm embarassed to admit I like it, but it's just so good.

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          No need to feel guilty. It is the best veggie burger in town and it is amazing!

        2. If you are a fan of lobster rolls you can got to James hook on Purchase street. They also offer other inexpensive seafood.

          1. I think the food court is pretty good for its intended purpose. Down by the Starbucks you can get a pretty good sausage. Up a way for ten dollars you can get a skewer of fish over rice. Then there is coffee at Starbucks and dessert from several places. Eat upstairs and take the time to read up on the history of Quincy market.

            1. In Fanueil Hall itself, the center building, is the juice bar(I think it's called the Monkey Bar) that makes good smoothies and theres a macaroni and cheese place at the other end of the center building that makes all kinds of gooey good mac and cheese. There's a stand a few down from the mac and cheese place on the same side of the aisle that makes really good chicken as well as scallops wrapped with bacon. I can't remember the name. The chip yard which is a stand along side the center building makes really good chocolate chip cookies. I haven't been for a while so there might also be some new stands. Most other places have their food on display in cases and you can keep an eye out for what people are eating and if something looks good, just ask them where they got it. The center building of the 3 long buildings is where most of the food stands are. I would suggest walking from one end to the other to look at everything before deciding.

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                There's one place along the food court (I forget the name offhand) that actually does a pretty decent clam roll with Ipswich clams and hand-cut fries.

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                  Sounds like the Fisherman's Net.