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Apr 4, 2012 10:27 AM

drinks and eats on 65 mile bike ride (Brewster to NYC)

Hello All and thanks in advance for your kind advice! My wife and I are taking the train to Brewster and will ride our bikes from there to the downtown NYC on the rail trail.

It's a really long ride and I don't know any beer and food places north of the Bronx. Do you have any favorites in any of the following cities in Westchester County? (Mainly on the Saw MillPkwy)

Carmel Hamlet
Yorktown Heights
West Harrison

below is a link to the route in case it helps.

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  1. Perfect place to pick up beer and food in Ardsley is DeCicco's.

    If you want a sit down place then check out Pumpernickel, also in Ardsley.


    1. If you want a quick bite, Rocky's Deli is very close to the bike path in Millwood - about 1 minute off the path. The deli is a favorite in the area; I've never had a bad sandwich there. If you zoom in far enough on the route map that you linked, it will show up. It's not a sit down place, but if you just want to eat something and go, that would be a good place.

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        +1 on Rocky's. There is also a local coffee place in the shopping center across from Rocky's (and actually closer to the trail) called Tazza. They have all kinds of coffee-based drinks, pastries and some sandwiches. Bikers are often seen there, taking a break from the trail. Not much else heading South until you get to the Ardsley area.

      2. You can stop in Yonkers at Pepe's pizza on Central Ave.

        1. Turco's market in Yorktown is not far off the path (no more than a quarter mile), and has prepared food (including sushi etc) and a deli. I think they even have tables to sit down at but don't quote me on that.

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            Yes, Turco's market in Yorktown could be a good bike stop as they do have sit down tables and a public restroom -- always a plus on a long ride. They even have bike racks outside. There's also a cozy Starbucks in Yorktown just steps off the bike path. Decent rest room there, too, as well as bike racks.

          2. Sunset Cove in Tarrytown is about 1/4 mile from the trail and has outdoor seating