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Apr 4, 2012 09:47 AM

Night out for new parents - restaurant suggestions?

My husband and I have a babysitter for our four month old this Friday and want to go out for a date night. We'd like to go somewhere nice but not too pretentious, doesn't have to be super cheap so long as the food is worth it. Since we've been out of the dining out scene for a while are there any suggestions for new places that might fit the bill?

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  1. Can you give us more detail? Price range, area, cuisine preference? There are thousands of places that could fit the bill.

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      Sure - for cuisine we like sushi and asian,fusion ala momofuku. For location we live in midtown east but are willing to travel. For price I'd say midrange although we are willing to pay for great food!

    2. Check on OpenTable NOW:
      15 East for sushi