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Apr 4, 2012 09:36 AM

Le Creuset dilemma

Finally getting my first full set of cookware from le creuset. I currently have a mixture of the cobalt blue and red crocks and bakeware dishes and am not sure about what I should get color wise. I am in college and while I don't throw big dinner parties and family functions now I plan on it and i would really like to buy this set one time and only one time. Both are on sale this weekend for the same price but am fearful of the discontinuation of the cobalt blue. Has anybody here created a full set? Should I mix and match the red and blue? I am a little OCD about matching? I am gonna drive myself crazy! Also, what pieces should I get? I just got the 8 and 12 qt stockpot and even though they are both blue, I can return them. Just wanna make sure I get something that is timeless and can go into many different kitchens.

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  1. From what I have read, half the people strive to get a full set in one colour which is difficult as some colours are discontinued. The other half enjoy the smartie or skittle set and enjoy a rainbow of colours and don't want the same colour. Ultimately its your decision, but certainly going for one colour might end up being more complicated, two might be easier, but there is always amazon and ebay.

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      Although I don't have anything that resembles a "full set" (I don't really need/want a full set of LC), I'm in the "rainbow camp." I add to my collection as I need to, and I give myself permission to buy pieces in whatever color appeals to me at the time. I don't have my pieces out on display, so I don't need to coordinate my colors with the room. And I don't fret when a particular color is discontinued.

      If you're concerned about not being able to add to your collection in years to come because your color picks have been discontinued, buy your pieces in the red/orange color that's called "Flame." At one time that was the only color LC came in, and I think that color is the least likely to ever be discontinued.

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        I'm in the skittle camp too. I've found various pieces in different shades on sale here and there. I love the bright variety. Red is easy to find in discount areas. Flame is harder for finding in places like tjmaxx but you can find it at the outlets, but I do like that color and agree it's not likely to discontinue.

    2. It really should be your decision entirely, because it's a matter of aesthetics rather than function and only you can decide what looks pretty in your kitchen. Since you already have a mix of red and blue, maybe a little bit of white would look good there, just in time for 4th of July... ;)

      1. What are the pieces in the set? Do you really need a whole set of cast iron? I'd probably go with the red because it will not be discontinued. I'm also OCD and all my pieces are black. I found a good deal once and I brought home the same piece in flame and red and stared at them for a month. At the end of the month I took them both back. I'm very non-committal when it comes to color though. I do have a teal staub oven that I've added to the mix and I really live it too.

        1. I am new to LC too. I didn't buy a set, but prefer to just invest in the pieces that I will use. I started with a basic dutch oven and have since baught 2 more of different sizes. In the beginning, I did not know about the color either. They are all so pretty. But the colors to matter a great deal to me and I am not really the 'skittles' kind of person so was trying to decide on just 1 or maybe 2 colors. Then somone on here posted that she liked all her dutch ovens a different color because she could tell by the color, just what size it was and could also request someone to hand her a particular color, without having to explain the size.

          I thought this was such a good idea. So my 3 dutch ovens are different colors. I am now waiting to save up for another DO and am also trying to decide on the perfect color to compliment the ones that I already have. I will probably choose one more color and then I will likely repeat the colors that I have in other LC pieces.

          I hate the discontinuing thing. Just when I decided that the kiwi one was my favorite, they discontinued it. I would love a set of the kiwi silicone utinsils, but have not obtained a set yet. I ordered a set, but was sent an email that they were on back order. I don't know if they will ever get it in or if I should just cancel the order.

          1. Mine match, but I went for the red, which Le Creuset says is one of the colors they will (supposedly) never discontinue. But I think the cobalt blue is beautiful and goes with both red and whatever stainless/regular cast iron you have, so having a two-color collection would be totally fine.

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              I got my set in cobalt because blue is my favorite color and the cobalt is so gorgeous. I figure that I can add to the set in white or red if I need any more dutch ovens. Also, as someone else said, there's a;ways ebay or Craigslist.