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Grace's Table--White Plains

It's located on Central Ave--I think the location was Crave? Has anyone read anything about this place? There's a website, but no menu posted. They say they will open on April 9th and the chef worked for Grace Balducci Doria. Grace's Marketplace on Third Ave was my neighborhood take-out place, back in the day, and the food there was always very good. Perhaps she's expanding her territory?

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  1. Hope so!! Love Grace's. I always stop by when I'm in the city.

    1. It is! - I went in yesterday not knowing that it was related to Grace's in the city... LOVED the food and the ambiance... Way better than Crave.... I'll be there again soon!

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        is it just a restaurant or do they have a market?

      2. Grace's Market Place is very good and can usually satisfy any craving. There's no doubt that Grace's Table will succeed especially if the food prep is on a par with that of the NYC location.

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          Just drove by. No time to eat, but VERY good vibe (good enough to make me pull over to look it up!)

        2. We had dinner at Grace's Table last night. A few things...

          We were meeting friends there at 7:30. They were a few minutes late, and as my husband and I were sitting at our table waiting, my husband mentioned to me that we were pretty much the youngest people there by about 20+ years. Not to say that it's a bad thing, but he was right. At 7:30, the few other tables that were filled were having dessert and paying their checks and by 8:15, there were only maybe 4 or 5 tables occupied.

          The waitress was pleasant, but nervous. When one of our friends asked if there were any specials, she said "yes, but forgive me for not knowing them because nobody has asked about specials tonight". We thought that was kind of weird...isn't it the job of a waitperson to let the customers know that there are specials? And when our friend asked what is the best dish on the menu, she responded "oh everything". Not sure why, but I hate that.

          Anyway, I started with the beet salad which was very good. And then I had the cod with fingerling potatoes. It was all tasty. My husband had fried calamari and filet mignon. I tasted the calamari and we all liked it and he liked his steak. Our friends had salad and tuna tartare and they both had a pasta dish with lobster, I think. Both of them enjoyed their dishes.

          We were all pretty full so when we declined dessert, the waitress said "oh I should have told you to save room for dessert because our desserts our all excellent. The pastry chef only works at this restaurant". I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that pastry chefs at restaurants usually work only at that restaurant?? It was just kind of a weird thing to say.

          Overall the food was good, better than my meal last week at Moderne Barn, but it definitely lacked the vibe of Moderne Barn. In fact, there was no vibe at all. I just wonder how well it will do, since on a Saturday night, the place was mostly empty.

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            Well, about the pastry chef thing. My husband worked as a pastry chef, and worked in multiple restaurants. Mondays at one location, Tuesday another. So maybe the waitress meant that the pastry chef works exclusively at that one restuarant.

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              Got it...did not know that it pastry chefs did that.

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              Have not been to Grace's Table yet; but since it's only been open a couple of weeks, I wouldn't expect it to have a "vibe" yet. What I was happy to take away from your comments was that the food was so good (even "better than your meal at Moderne Barn last week) since I live much closer to White Plains. I'm sure the service kinks and vibe will all take care of themselves as time goes on. As a former Server, I am surprised you weren't offered specials before you ordered but at the same time must say that I dreaded when people asked "What's the best dish on th menu?". Perhaps a better question would be "What's popular tonite?" or "I'm in the mood for fish dish, any suggestions?" Regardless, happy to hear that the food is good and must be plentiful since you were too full for dessert. Hopefully any otherkinks will be ironed out as well soon.

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                I'm sure plenty of things annoy servers too. Kind of like in my field when people ask me for a cost of a project and they say "oh just give me a ballpark cost". Drives me insane.

                I don't know if my friend's exact question was "what's the best dish?" or "what do you recommend?" but either way, the answer was "everything". In fact, I think the question was more along the lines of "what's your signature dish?". Maybe annoying to servers, but still...everything?

                Again, I would like to see the place succeed so hopefully they will figure out how to get more people in there. Yes, it really is about the food, but for us, the atmosphere/vibe definitely plays a role, albeit a small one, at a place like this.

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                  we went last week. 3 couples. no complaints on the food. all were decent to good. no standouts. service was attentive and the owner came over a few times to check in on us.

                  the issue for me was the lack of any kind of vibe. it was too bright, no music and i think all of their funiture was bought at a home goods.

                  someone at my table said it best - "i kinda feel like i'm at a restaurant attached to a Hilton hotel outside of Cincinnati". nothing special.

            3. We went last night. All in all, an enjoyable meal. The atmosphere was pleasant and welcoming. There were some service glitches, but of the sort that would be expected in a place so new. The food ranged from good to very good. We had the burrata and heirloom tomato salad (very good), rock shrimp mini tacos (fine, but a bit bland), BBQ pork chop and sweet potatoes (very good) and halibut with ratatouille (good, but also slightly underseasoned). Small wine list, but varied with reasonable prices. The food was also very reasonably priced, and portions were generous.

              Even in its present state where they are still working out the kinks, Grace's Table is already one of the better restaurants in the immediate area. Since moving to the area from Harrison last year, we have yet to find a casual, local place that we want to keep coming back to but this has potential. It seems like the sort of place that will only get better. As for the comments about the "vibe" or lack thereof, last night it was not full, but pretty busy. It was neither dead and bland nor a "scene." To me, the vibe was "comfortable neighborhood place."

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                Mother's Day disappointment. We went to Grace's for dinner, prix fixe $50 was a bit overpriced for portion size. We were seated for 2 1/2 hours because service was super slow. Lamb chop dinner had 2 very small chops. Ceviche app was only slightly bigger than an amuse bouche. Steak Diane was mostly potatoes with a very small looking steak portion. Desserts were okay, although we waited 30 minutes to get them. I realize that Mother's Day is busy in restaurants but we had an early reservation and there were lots of empty tables. Flavors were good but honestly not worth the price. There are lots of restaurants with good food, and service that have better prices and portions- Haven, Mima, Iron Horse and Harvest to name a few.

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                  we had a table for four this past Saturday night at 8:15pm. Other than the service being very slow, especially for our cocktails, and very crowded, the food was very good. Since we live in White Plains, will try again during the week but overall, pleasantly surprised how good the food was.

                2. We went back to Grace's Table last night having not been in a few months. I certainly hope our bad experience was due to it being Saturday night (a restaurant night that we usually avoid) and not a general downturn.

                  The place was crowded and we were shown a table in a downstairs room. I hadn't been aware that there was a downstairs area, but the owner/manager (?) who seated us said that we would "love" sitting in the "wine cellar." It was a pretty depressing space, but we were hungry and didn't object. We knew we were off to a bad start when we noticed that the table hadn't been fully set, and it went downhill from there. Drink orders were taken and we waited. And waited. About 15 minutes later the waiter came by and asked us to refresh his memory on our drink orders. Obviously he hadn't put the order in. We had to ask repeatedly for utensils, some of which never arrived. Food took forever to arrive. My burger was fine. My husband's pork chop was very dry. We were not the only unhappy guests. The owner/manager came down only once to the area in the almost 2 hours we were there, but he didn't stop at any tables to ask how things were. He walked briskly through so that it was impossible to get his attention.

                  As we were paying, the owner/manager did stop by and ask how the meal was. I said the service was awful, and he blamed it on our sitting in the inconvenient downstairs area where there were many "kinks" to be worked out. But that they needed the downstairs area for the overflow. I suggested that people shouldn't be subjected to this area before they worked out these kinks, and he shrugged. But he never apologized or offered to make things right for us in any way. We had already paid the bill and we were not expecting to be comped or anything, but an apology or a promise to make things right the next visit would have gone a long way.

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                    We had dinner there two weeks ago. The service upstairs was awful too. The waiter was an unqualified dolt. The food was OK. I might venture a lunch.