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Apr 4, 2012 08:20 AM

Tastespotting...The real deal?

For a while my goto for recipes...although these recipes come from seemingly popular blogs- is the photography just splendid OR are the recipes real as well. Can I use this as my recipe search engine...have you guys tried tastespotting?

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  1. tastespotting is one of my go-tos for recipes. i love that you get a bunch of good visuals with most of the recipes you look for.

    1. Tastespotting is my go to source for recipes. I check it every day. Sometimes you have to wade through posts that don't appeal if you're looking for something specific but otherwise, I find it's a great resource (and prefer it to similar sites, like Food Gawker).

      1. i do have to admit though. sometimes it confuses me that there is a "tastespotting" "foodgawker" and a "foodspotting." sometimes when someone mentions one of them i have to think for a second or two to make sure im picturing the correct site!

        1. The only qualification of Tastespotting is a good picture, so there is no assurance that the recipe is in any way useful. On the reverse, often the best recipes will have no picture, so then you'll never find them on Tastespotting (most notably stuff from, say, Epicurious)

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            i just cant bring myself to trust picture-less recipes...its like i dont know what im getting into!

            1. re: girlwholovestoeat

              +1, usually a deal breaker for me too

              1. re: gmk1322

                Yeah, and that's why I started putting pictures on my own blog, but I'll be honest--it means the best recipes go unposted because I'm not a photographer, I'm a cook and a writer. If I posted recipes without pictures they would be my best recipes, but nobody would read them.


            Right from the owners lips.

            Tastespotting has served a purpose - helping readers find independent food blogs. Visual advertisement and only a fraction of food bloggers submit their work and of that only a small percentage are selected to appear on the daily listings.

            I've found some very interesting recipes over the years but there is no guarantee that recipes posted will work because Tastespotting does not kitchen test any of the recipes.