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Apr 4, 2012 08:14 AM

Where can I buy fresh duck?

I think that says it all. Where can I buy fresh duck in the Boston area? Ideally, I'd love to know where to get it and not pay an arm (wing?) and a leg.

And if someone feels great about their frozen duck source, I guess I'd like that idea, too.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Wilson Farms in Lexington has what looks to be fresh duck (I don't think it's been previously frozen) for about $20 a piece.

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    1. re: lurker77

      Just so you know, Wilson Farm's duck has been previously frozen.

    2. Could be worth calling Mayflower Poultry. Their website just lists frozen duck, not fresh, but perhaps they sometimes have fresh (or could order it?)

      Also, there was a recent thread about the bone marrow there:

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      1. re: Dave MP

        Dave MP generally their duck is frozen and from Long Island. Its possible you might find it thawed at the holidays, but presumably previously frozen (Demoula's Somerville has geese fresh and maybe duck at holidays, frozen from Canada and other places the rest of the year). You may have to order it, but Mayflower can provide duck legs (and breast -- duck proscuitto is easy to make as far as cured meats go) both of which people sometimes look for. Asian markets are generally less expensive and duck is more plentiful, but if you are ok with frozen Mayflower is a good choice. BTW, an incomplete list of their game is linked below.

      2. Savenor's. and Sometimes Sherman Market in Union Square has them frozen. Sometimes also at WF.

        1. if you are more metrowest, owens poultry farm will get them for you, in the winter they usually have two or three in the case.
          i usually call on wednesday afternoon for friday day pick -up. get three, confit the legs for cassoulet, grill-roast some breasts, duck prosciutto with two of the breasts, stock from the trimmings, and a duck liver sandwich for the chef.

          1. The Hong Kong market usually has fresh duck (Malden location, at least.) Pekin duck with it's feet and head still attached. Very reasonable price, about $12 for a 5-6 lb duck.

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              I've found it at Super 88 as well though I always check in with Mayflower first.

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                I think they're formerly least the ones at Ming's Market can sometimes see ice on them...

                1. re: Spike

                  Poultry flesh freezes at 26 F, so the presence of ice crystals does not definitively mean that the bird itself had been frozen.