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Apr 4, 2012 08:13 AM

Anyone tried Ladino Tapas Grill Yet?

It's in Colombus Circle in NYC.... I'll try to go after Pesach, but supposedly they are open for Pesach. They are under O-U supervision. So excited to have a new type of restaurant on the scene, and in an area that could use one!

Anyone been yet?

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  1. Kosher tapas? Of course I have been there already. It is not yet fully operational, e.g., some items on the menu are not yet available and the complete wine list and full bar will be available after Pesach. That said, based on my experience, Ladino has some really good potential. I sampled three tapas: tuna ceviche, a potato frittata and yucca fries. All were very tasty. What was really good were the dipping sauces that are provided - one is tomato-based and the other is a cilantro sauce. I hope they do not get blanded-down for the customer base. The nice thing about tapas is that you can nibble on several different items in an evening. The menu includes several entrees as well.

    The service could not have been friendlier.

    The restaurant has a good bit of space and could become a real destination for dining as well as what could become a social gathering place. It will need to develop into a fun spot if it is going to attract the upper west siders away from their comfort zone. The background music must improve - it should be Spanish. I understand that there will be live music at least on Saturday nights. Some Spanish decor would be nice too.

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        Fleishig, with several fish and vegetarian items on the menu.

    1. What's not to love about Kosher Tapas? Beyond the amazing, super-yummy Ceviches in spicy citrus vinaigrette which starts off your meal on exactly the right note, is the superb quality of food and artistry of presentation at this restaurant. Salmon glaceado with yuka fries and mango salsa was off the charts, borrego lamp chops with tangy sause was fantastic. This restaurant is a flavor explosion.

      1. We went on their 2nd night, and I agree - they have real potential.

        They are serving their Passover menu already, and will be open for Chol Hamoed. Guacamole with plantain/yuca/batata chips was good, but missing certain "kitniyos" spices. Roasted baby beets were great. The fritatta and the salmon ceviche were "ok". The chicken/beef skewers and short-ribs were quite plain - the dollop of green sauce for the ribs or the chimichurri for the skewers didn't do much. Cooked properly, but plain. (Where does mayonnaise based chimichuri come from? Not any recipe I've seen.)

        I won't judge them based on a pre-passover, just-opened visit, but I will be back again after the holiday. Doesn't hurt that I work in Columbus Circle and this an oasis in on otherwise bleak landscape, Kosher-wise. Copy of their menu, below.

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          Did they serve the guacamole at the table as it says on the site?

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            To answer my own question, they did not serve the guacamole at the table, but they did make it to order and served it in a traditional stone pot. The Passover menu was great, but we only had time for ceviche, guacamole and yucca fries, all good. The vibe was busy, young, a mix of Orthodox and others, some looked like they were just eating there as a regular business lunch. Very pleasant. Can't wait to go back when they have their regular menu.

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          1. Went chol hamoed. Ordered six tapas as dinner for two people: the roasted beets were very good. tuna cerviche with citrus and mango also very good. skewered chicken and beef were excellent, plain grilled meat, with disappointing mayonaise dip. cod cakes were nice. fried chicken wings with a cilantro-based hot sauce very good. ribs were tender meat nicely cooked but uninteresting.

            That said, this is the shakedown period and Pesach menu. Duck and lamb chops were on the menu, but not available. The place was packed. Noisy, because it is designed to be noisy - all hard surfaces. But the house manager was good, and reservations were respected.

            The food was good, and fun. And it may not be fair to judge a kitchen by its Pesach menu. I'll certainly go back.