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Apr 4, 2012 07:20 AM

In Search of a Sussex County Cotechino and a good Italian Deli !

Making a totally retro chicken & polenta meal this Easter, and would like to include the boiled cotechino. I clearly recall my grandma telling me to go to DeLuca's deli in Union City for a cotechino sausage. She told me to ask the butcher for a nice "cutagee".

Fifty years later, in northwestern NJ, I can't even find a decent Italian deli that might
sell one. Can anyone help me? Thanks. :)

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  1. It is not in Sussex County, but the only place I've seen Cotechino Sausage in Northern NJ recently is A&&S Pork Store in West Patterson (right off Rte 46) They make fantastic sausages and always have a wide variety of them available. (but not every variety is available on any given day, so call first 973 256 0115)

    Good luck, and what time should be there for dinner?

    PS I do not think you will find a good Italian Deli in Sussex County, you have to head towards the city to find one.

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      Thanks, I appreciate this. Can't invite you to dinner, but if you are interested in the best authentic old recipe for chicken w/polenta, I will gratefully share that. :)

    2. guess this late response won't help with this specific quest, but there is a good Italian deli/salumeria in Milford, PA, Fretta's. Not sure if they have cotechino but they have lot's of nice meats.