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Apr 4, 2012 07:13 AM

The Persian Palace - Richmond Hill

Just curious, has anyone ever eaten here?

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  1. When did you last click that link?

    All I see is: This Account Has Been Suspended

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      Funny, I just clicked the link and was able to view the menu. The dinner menu is very hard to read though

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        It works for me too, I just clicked it and it seemed fine...sketchy...

        and yes, agreed that the menu is hard to read through @sweetie

        All I've seen are some very positive (and suspiciously favourable) reviews on opentable when I was browsing to see what was open this weekend...thought I'd see if any CHs had been!

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          I'm still getting the suspended message. Anyone else ?

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            Well, my friend who's birthday it is and who eats only halal wants to try it this weekend for her birthday - if that's where we end up going, I'll post a review. i hope I'm not just taking one for the team ;)

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              I got the same suspended message as well. Weird...

        2. I've been a couple of times in the past year.

          The kebab is probably the best in the city. I live downtown and once in a while I make the trek all the way for it.

          The atmosphere is strange, it's not very busy due to the fact that most of their sales comes from events in the party room. The restaurant is almost secondary.

          That being said, it's very clean, great service and fantastic food. If you go, try the Chengeh and Soltani, two best items on the menu.

          1. We ended up going on Saturday night, and paid the $10 cover for the banquet hall side with live entertainment. The place was very clean and the service good, albeit a bit on the slow side - but I'll attribute that to the fact that the banquet side was sold out for the night. Definitely an interesting atmosphere, where the place turned into almost a club with the DJ and some of the entertainers, and entire families on the dance floor.

            As for the food, we tried a variety of kebabs, and I was pleasantly surprised. The meats were well-cooked and flavourful - I had the jujeh (chicken breast) kebab, and it could have easily been bland, but it was tender, juicy and nicely seasoned. The SO had the shandiz (lamb chops) kebab, and I had a bite, which was nicely cooked, but I'm not a big lamb eater so I can't really elaborate more. All of the kebabs came with some rice, which was well made and fluffy considering how some places can really mess up rice, but again, it was rice, nothing to write home about. Oh and a grilled tomato on the side. We tried some of the appetizers as well, and ordered a platter with an assortment of dips and dolmades. The servings were large, and I was full...the bill for my SO and I came up to around $75 with no alcohol and including a 15% gratuity added on for our party, but keep in mind we paid the extra $20 for the entertainment, which you wouldn't be paying on the restaurant side. So all in all, it was a good experience, perhaps it was what I ordered but I wouldn't go out of my way for it, but given the atmosphere and decor, and the decent service, if I lived closer, I'd go back.

            1. We went for dinner on Friday night. It is located in a Travelodge and has somewhat over-the-top decor - a banquet hall gone bad. The place was nearly empty, although we were there early (5:00 PM). The service was attentive and gracious.

              We started with an appetizer platter. The two highlights were the Dolme (i.e., dolmades) which were a nice mixture of sweet and savory and the Kashk-e Bademjan, a fragrant eggplant puree.

              For the mains, we skipped the long list of kebabs and went for some of the other dishes. Fesenjan was chicken pieces smothered in a wonderful sauce of crushed walnuts and pomegranate molasses, served with rice. It was sweet, tangy, and very rich (due to the walnuts). A definite winner. We also had the Ghormeh Sabzi, a favourite from other Persian places we have eaten. This is a stew of lamb, herbs, kidney beans, and dried limes. It was also great, if not as exciting as the Fesenjan.

              With tax, tip, and no alcohol, our bill came to $58. We'd definitely go back if we find ourselves up in Richmond Hill.