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Apr 4, 2012 06:15 AM

Sirloin Saloon in Rutland closed again

The Sirloin Saloon in Rutland, VT used to be an institution. Just a good solid steak house with a great salad bar and a good vibe. It went through a couple of different owners and recently closed again. It had gone downhill greatly in the last few years and was not a good place to go, but still from a nostalgia point of view, Rutland has lost Sawdis, Panda Pavilion and now Sirloin in the last couple of years. Those were the nice places in this area from the time I was a kid.

Now, Rutland actually has several new and very good restaurants, but its still sad to see the old ones go.

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  1. Shoot - really liked the Salad Bar there. So rare to find a Salad Bar these days...

    1. Is the Sirloin Saloon in Manchester, VT still open?

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        I don't know. The one in Burlington is closed. I think they are all closed.

        1. re: alb63

          Nope, it suddenly closed last December. I had dinner there two days before it shut down, and the dinner was very poor quality, I was shocked how bad it was.

        2. The original comment has been removed