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Apr 4, 2012 06:08 AM

Easter - Fresh Ham or Leg o Lamb

HEB's lamb legs are $9 per pound, and they don't have any fresh hams (Burnet Koenig). I need to smoke one or the other on Sunday. I'm looking for either.....any good ham or cheaper lamb.

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  1. CostCo has great NZ (AU?) lamb. I think it's $6/lb boneless. Any HEB will be able to get you a whole fresh ham with a day's notice. Some of them should be stocking them this week without asking. They usually do. For smoking, I vote for the fresh ham. Leg O Lamb is just OK, IMO. Go light on the smoke.

    If you ask HEB for one, verify the price first and hold them to it. Sometimes they label them "Steamship Style" hams and charge $4/lb (ripoff!). They should be no more than $2.19/lb, or whatever the going price is for bone-in butt.

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      Thanks, Sqwertz....I'll ask the butcher at my HEB tonight. Thanks for the Costco reminder.....I have successfully deep-smoked legs o lamb before, just used a real low temp with absolutely no sear.