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Apr 4, 2012 05:40 AM

italian easter desserts

any recipes?

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    1. This type of pie usually makes an appearance on our table

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        thank you we make a ricotta cheese pie using rice instead of wheat which calls for citron which no one in our family likes, so we substitute crushed pineapple that we put in the sink in a potato ricer and whenever we pass the sink we give the ricer a squeeze; we also use this dried pulp like pineapple in canoli.

        I am going to try your pie with the pineapple. thanks again,

      2. There are four traditional pies, my family makes three: cream pie (lemony with maraschino cherry), rice pie (same flavor profile), ricotta pie (hint of orange, no cherries). There is also wheat pie which my family no longer makes.

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        1. re: melpy

          thanks for sharing; did you include the recipes?

          thanks again,