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Apr 4, 2012 05:31 AM

How to remove the bitter taste from Limecello

We have made lemoncello several times with great success, always careful to use only the rind with no pith. There was such a deal on limes last week we thought we would try it with limes. UGH! Bits of pith got in and it tastes quite bad. Any chance I can fix it?

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  1. Hmmmm that is too bad. I've never made it with limes but my guess is your only hope will be to make a stronger than usual simple syrup and see if the additional sugar will help temper the pith taste.

    My second strategy might be to re-infuse with a second sweeter flavor to help counter the bitterness - orange or maybe a stone fruit like peach (not in season right now but . . . . ), lime is such a strong flavor that I'm not 100% sure that would work but something to consider.