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Apr 4, 2012 05:27 AM

Downtown Bistro

I will be in Seattle in about a month and i want to have one nice bistro meal in the Pike Place area. It appears that Chez Shea, Place Pigalle, and Cafe Campagne all get good reviews, are about the same price, and have good wine lists. Which one does the local experts think is the best, or am I completely off base? Thanks

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  1. Hi, Fred:

    I think your list is populated with good choices, but I have a preference for Le Pichet. Simpler, but of all you've listed, LP is a teleportation to France. Maxmillien in the Market is also good.

    Enjoy your visit,

    1. I would say for 'Bistro", as I would think of it, cafe campagne is closest to a bistro in terms of offerings. Second would be Kaleakahu s suggestion of Le Pichet - though sometimes it is inconsistent, and IMO, a bit loud.
      In terms of food, I would pick cafe campagne if you are looking to eat French classics. Chez Shea for a bit more adventure in the food, and certainly the nicest room and atmosphere of any you listed.

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        Thanks. If I was just asking for your favorite of the three, excluding the term bistro, would you go with Chez Shea?

        1. re: fredb

          Just in terms of truth, I can't quite pick a 'favorite'; each has their place. Since I haven't eaten at Pigalle in a long time, I will leave that to others...

          as for Cafe Campagne, I have eaten there several times with my french BF, and it served many classic bistro items such as Beef Tartare which is consistenly good (and hard to find elsewhere). Also, decent wine list, good French classic specials. We like the bar area if we have to wait, and the dining room is warm and woody.

          As for Chez Shea, I think the menu is more modern bistro, and more attuned to local, seasonal produce from the area. I also think it is a wonderful romantic room, and the staff is warmer than at Campagne. All in all, if I had to pick one, I would take Chez Shea.

      2. Truly, Fred, you can't go wrong with any of the three. Place Pigalle has an interesting history and menu. Same for Chez Shea. For whatever reason, I always think of Cafe Campagne as a brunch place although I know they serve dinner.

        1. I don't know if you've made up your mind or not, but I thought I'd throw my two cents in as well. I love Chez Shea. It's got great food, amazing atmosphere and a very competent wait staff. I like Cafe Campagne as well, but for different reasons. If I had to pick just one for dinner, I'd have to choose Chez Shea. I'd also keep an eye out for the scallops and the beef medallions... they are two of my favorite dishes there.

          1. So I went back and forth, and finally decide to go with Chez Shea. Then I get an E-mail today telling me they are closed for renovations as of May1. So it is Place Pigalle.
            Also going to Lecosho, and hoping to make it to Salumi,