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Apr 4, 2012 04:08 AM

Ottawa- Weekend Dining Options

Spending the weekend in Ottawa, staying at the Sheraton. Do not plan on driving if possible. My companions are not too adventurous, but are willing to try anything.

Looking for some dining options?


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  1. We just returned from Ottawa and also stayed at the Sheraton. You will be within walking distance of the Byward market area, there are a number of restaurants, pubs and bars in the area. My wife and I really enjoyed walking through the stable of small eateries located in a particular building (sorry the name escapes ne right now), inside was an asian place, Indian, fresh made bagels and a pastry shop that also had an array of hot food items.

    We also ate at the Empire Grill for lunch one day and had dinner at Wasabi and enjoyed both meals

    Have fun

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      spine64 - Welcome to Ottawa! The Sheraton is within easy walking distance from our two restaurant areas - the Byward Market and Elgin Street

      The stable of small eateries that kayia1 refers to is the Byward Market Square. It's a great find and there are lots of neat places to stop for lunch there. My favourite places are Yayora Express (Moroccan cuisine), Shafali Bazaar (Indian cuisine) and Wang's Noodle House (Asian cuisine). There is a new place there called Corazon de Maiz and they serve Mexican food. I haven't been yet but I heard they are very good and if the line-ups are any indication they are certainly popular.

      If you are looking for lunch areas my favourite places are in the Byward Market and Planet Coffee is a must try. La Bottega is also an excellent choice - it's an Italian grocery store with a restaurant at the back that serves hot meals and they also have a sandwich counter next to the resto. Make sure to get there before noon though because the resto fills up fast. There is also the Sausage Kitchen that serves all sorts of Eastern European delicacies - sausage on a bun, schnitzel on a bun, perogies, etc. There is also the Tea Store that serves afternoon tea. There is also a Bridgehead on Sparks Street not too far from the Sheraton. They are a locally owned coffee chain and they serve light lunches like soups and sandwiches - all of which are very good.

      As for dinner I could recommend Edoko (Japanese food) located on Queen Street also near the Sheraton. L'Ange Café on Sparks is open for lunch every day except Sunday and they are now featuring live music and tapas in the evenings from Wednesday through Friday. Dinner options in the Byward Market include Chez Lucien, Murray Street, Café Shafali, and the Black Tomato. My favourite dinner place on Elgin is the Manx - probably a 20 minute walk from the hotel. There is also a new resto on Elgin (across the street from the Manx actually) and it's called Izakaya. They serve Asian-style small plates dishes.

      Have a nice stay in Ottawa!

      1. re: ottawaoperadiva

        Ottawaoperadiva: thanks for the name of the food eatery. And for reminding me about the sausage kitchen - we dropped in and salivated over the sausage, unfortunately we just finished brunch at Chateau Laurier so could only feast with our eyes. But rest assured we will be back to your wonderful city soon to sample all of the fine fare Ottawa has to offer.

        1. re: kayia1

          kayia1: Sounds like you had a nice trip to Ottawa! And it's the 100th anniversary of the Chateau Laurier this year so brunch there was fitting! There is always lots to see and do in Ottawa (and lots of great food to eat!) so there are no shortages of things to do here.

        2. re: ottawaoperadiva

          Cheers. Looks like we will have plenty of options. As I am the foodie in the group, I may have to deflect to our guide, my girlfriends daughter, but I can let her know i know a few places to try.


          1. re: spine64

            spne64: Yes it's always difficult finding somewhere to eat when you are travelling with a group and you have to find something to please everyone. I hope I gave you enough ideas to get started-;) Enjoy your trip!

            1. re: ottawaoperadiva

              Thanks so much "diva". Suggestion for fish and chips for Friday? Looks like that is the consensus for lunch on Good Friday.


              1. re: spine64

                There is an Irish Pub on Clarence kitty corner to the Empire Grill (perhaps Ottawaoperadiva can help with the name) that serves F&C. Although I did not order it the serving was huge and appeared to be served with fresh hand-cut fries.

                1. re: kayia1

                  The Heart and Crown is on the corner opposite Empire Grill. I'm guessing you mean that place? Also the Hintonburg Public House has F&C among other things that I think is worth trying.

      2. Ok, now in Ottawa. Italian is the choice for tonight. Any suggestions?