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Apr 4, 2012 12:03 AM

Best Dover Sole

Who has the best Dover Sole on the Beverly Hills/ West Hollywood area? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Dover Sole is about my favorite dish and I order it when I see it. (Not to be confused with the terrible "Dover sole sold in the markets for cheap). As you of course know, the real Dover Sole is imported and is usually one of the most expensive dishes. Now to your question. The best Dover sole that I've had in the LA area was at the Grill on the Alley in Beverly Hills. They will bone it table side for you but I tell them to bring the whole thing to me and I'll bone it myself...and chew on the bones when nobody is looking. I've tried about 5-6 other restaurantsm in LA for the Dover sole, but the Grill on the Alley serves the best. Very fresh and well prepared, pan sauted (sp?) That has been my experience. Good luck.

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      +1 for Grill on the Alley. Just as good, if not better, is their John Dory

      1. re: budlit

        I don't see John Dory on their regular menu but if I see it next time I go I'll consider ordering it. Thanks for the advice.

        1. re: budlit

          I agree with the john dory too. they do a good job cooking and saucing the fish. it is delish.

        2. re: Baron

          Hate to burst your bubble, but no, dover sole is not imported. It is a common fish along the California coastline. And a slimy, rough little bugger at that. Delicious though.

          The sole that comes from Dover England is actually called true sole or common sole, not dover sole. It's a true sole in that it is a member of the solidae genus, whereas the dover sole of california is actually a type of flounder.

          Maybe it's actually common sole that you're looking for? But if you're really looking for dover sole, it's not going to be imported.

            1. re: Porthos

              I see, so he's looking for the true sole.

            2. re: BrewNChow

              Brew, I know the difference between slime sole and what a quality restaurant calls "Dover" sole. No bobble to burst. I've never seen it referred to as "true" or "common" sole on the menu of a fine restaurant. Call it what you like, but when I pay $45 ala carte, it better be the imported variety and NOT the local slime sole. Believe me. I know the difference....but thanks for your input.

          1. Try South Beverly Grill on S. Beverly...They often have Dover Sole as a lunch special and it's terrific...

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              In my quest for Dover Sole I tried the South Beverly Grill at dinner. As is my custom, I asked the server to bring me the whole fish. I was told that the fish were pre filleted. Otherwise the fish was good, but nothing beats being served the whole fish. In my opinion.

              1. re: Baron

                Not always available, but when it is, Toscana does it beautifully. The fish is presented whole and then filleted, if you wish.

            2. I think Irene V. had high praise for the version at Puck's new place at the Bel Air Hotel.