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Apr 3, 2012 09:11 PM

Smoked beef rib the Switch or J. Mueller or else?

I love john's brisket and beef sausage and haven't tried yet his beef rib but love stiles switch's version. Any votes for the best beef rib in town?

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  1. it just depends on the day. i've badass at both. never had a side by side. but stiles is round the corner so they get my vote on this one.

        1. I think JMueller only has beef short ribs on Fridays. Maybe he does them on other days too, but I think Friday is pretty much guaranteed (before they run out). That's Prime Rib day, too.

          After this thread started yesterday I was determined to get some short ribs. Stopped at HEB at 11:pm and got 15lbs worth (4 of 4 ribs each, not "English Cut"). Walked them home 2.6 miles along with other groceries. That's determination.

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            Yeah and your pics of the smoked ribs you made were beautiful !!! I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

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              I recommend Louie Mueller, the daddy of them all. But Switch is pretty close and they have regular business hours. Beef ribs are better the earlier in the day you get there.

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                He has them daily now due to the popularity. It's thevsingle best piece of beef in town and it's not close.

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                  I knew somebody would correct me if I was wrong - it's the Internet, after all :-) As for short ribs, I've promoting the fact (OK, OPINION) that "short ribs are the single best piece of cow you can put on a smoker" for years (easier to smoke at home than brisket - much more forgiving)


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                    Hey sqwertz,
                    I want to try some beef ribs in my big green egg. Give me some tips on time/temp and what especially do I need to ask for at the heb meat counter?

                    1. re: LakeLBJ

                      Ask for whole untrimmed short ribs. I buy the whole package - they come in 4 racks x 4 ribs and weigh 14-17 pounds (usaully - some stores get 2-rack packages). What they charge you will vary. I paid $2.68/lb the other night but prices will vary depending on who you talk to. Wholesale/Market price is about $4 for Choice right now - so $2.68 for USDA Select at HEB is still a damned good price.

                      They would probably break down a pack if you don't want to buy that much. I'm just a sucker for big packages of beef and the price is usually much cheaper in bulk. These will look like a small mattress. They will not have all meat trimmed from the bones such as you'll see with beef back ribs (which are about the same price).

                      I did mine today at 275F with smoke for 3 hours, then wrapped up good in in butcher paper for another 1.5 hours at 300F. They read 200-204F when I pulled them, these were quicker than normal today. I did three racks (11-12 pounds). They should be the first 4 or 5 pictures on this page:


                      I use Lazarri Lump from Restaurant Depot. It's about $11.50/40lb bag during the fall/winter. Looks like it's currently going for 13.64/40lb bag since it's Spring.


                      1. re: sqwertz

                        Important to note that I let them sit out for 3 hours at 72F still in cryovac before I smoked them. That hastens the cooking time and prevents creosote from forming on the cold ribs. Good Luck!