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Apr 3, 2012 07:57 PM

Dylan Lounge @ X2O, Porchetta?

Anyone try the Thursday nite Porchetta meal? Looks good, curious if it lives up to the promise.

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  1. I went the second week they did it and totally forgot to post about it! For $35 it's an amazing deal. I wasn't crazy about the appetizer, only because I'm not a huge pate person (my pork obsessed husband felt otherwise!). It came with delicious fixings like pickled beets, cornichons, and Maille mustard, but it was such an enormous portion of pate that I couldn't eat more than half of it knowing what was coming next. The porchetta was visually stunning-- it was an enormous slice. It's of course extremely rich and my portion seemed to have more inedible fat on it than my husband's but it was DELICIOUS. The crispy pork belly was almost caramelized and the loin cooked to tender perfection. It came with duck fat potatoes (amazing) and kale (I love almost any preparation of kale and it made me feel a bit less guilty about all the pork but I'm sure it had a ton of butter on it!). Topped off with a decadent ice cream sundae with a huge vertical spiral of hardened caramel, this meal is WELL worth $35. However-- would I go back for it? Probably not. It is just too rich of a meal for me to make it a frequent occasion. But I highly recommend it. One caveat-- no reservations are taken for the Dylan. We got there before 6 (they open 5:30) and had the place practically to ourselves, but by the time we left after 8, it was packed.

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      Wow, sounds awesome. I'm going tonight around 6pm, can't wait.