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Apr 3, 2012 07:49 PM

Opinel Knives


Headed to Paris in a couple of weeks . . . wondering where the best place to purchase Opinel knives? One thread a year or two ago suggested purchasing at the outdoor markets. Is that my best bet? (renting an apartment in the 7th) Just looking for the best prices. Also planning to buy pot de creme molds -- Maison Porcelaine, Verrerie des Halles or Vaissellerie? I have not been to France since 1999 -- I am familiar with Dehillerin, MORA, A Simon, etc -- just wondering if there are other places where the prices are not as steep or new places I should check out. Merci!

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  1. I love, love, love my opinels... Just don't put them through the wash like my wife just did... They are great knives and you can find them all over Paris. However, if you want a great deal on them here, go to Smoky Mountain Knife Works. They stock the entire line...

    1. There's a shop on one of the streets that borders Place des Voges that sells all kinds of knives - including Opinel. I ogled the window and just briefly browsed inside, so can't comment on all the prices. If you're not looking for a specific style, you'll very often find Opinel in hardware stores at what I would expect to be a better price as these are pretty much the workingman's knife. I do agree with davhud, however, that you can get a great deal online - which is where I bought my Opinel mushroom knife (price in Paris was about the same).

      1. Best knife store left in Paris now is on Rue Petit Champs block in from Bd. Opera. l buy my Opinels at flea markets or French or USA Ebay, old better than new, the pear wood is darkened and has a different feel.

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          Just like Herm├Ęs scarf, old knives have a more reliable authenticity. In recent years the famous knives have had a counterfeit problem. Old ones can't be faked.