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Apr 3, 2012 07:19 PM

Dayton - Stars at the Crowne Plaza

Is it worth going to for any reason... food, music, drinks???

I like the idea of jazz and a view, but I never hear anyone talk about the restaurant, crowd, ambiance... nothing.

Is this strictly the domain of hotel visitors in town on business, or is it worth checking out? Oregon District is starting to feel very small... but want to keep bringing business to downtown area.

Any other places worth checking out in and near downtown, aside from those in the actual Oregon District and Coco's down the street. Anyone have thoughts on De'Lish, I have read bad and good about it.

Many thanks!!!!

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  1. I guess the lack of any replys speaks volumes about this place.

    1. Either they're trying to start or have started live trivia on Mondays. I've only had catered food there (parties, etc.) , and that's always been fine. But that doesn't really speak of the restaurant.

      Lunch and breakfast can be had, pretty cheap and plenty of variety, at the Second Street Market on Webster.