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Broasted Chicken

Does anyone know where you can get broasted chicken in the GTA?
There was one small place in mississauga but it changed management and then closed.
I know I can get it in port colborne,fort erie,leamington and kingsville but haven't found any in mississauga,brampton or oakville.

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  1. It's not in the GTA, but you could add Anna Mae's (in Millbank, out Kitchener/Waterloo way) to your list:


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      I've been there and it's fantastc.


    2. Not in your neck of the woods but there's one @ Alton towers, mccowan n steeles

      1. There is a Broaster Chicken on Lawrence Ave east between Victoria Park and Pharmacy Ave. It is right next to KFC, on the north side of Lawrence.

        1. Anna Mae's in Millbank is my go to now. The Car Barn in Wheatley when I was down that way.

          I did hear that the Crossroads Restaurant (near St. Jacob's) has it as well, but I have not been.

          Always wondered why someone wouldn't open in the GTA...

          The only thing that comes close IMHO is the Stockyards. (of course, that is FRIED chicken)

          1. We loved Broasted Chicken after trekking out to Anna Mae's (in fact, we loved the whole experience and their chocolate cream pie too!).

            We did some research on broasted chicken and understand it requires patented equipment. We actually emailed them (www.broaster.com) to ask which restos in the GTA uses their equipment. Unfortunately, their response at the time (last year) was that no restaurants in the GTA offered official Broasted Chicken, but they did provide a list of restaurants in Ontario.

            You can add Niagara Falls (Falls Manor) and Cambridge (Crispy's Chicken) to your list. If you're looking for the Mississauga/Brampton/Oakville area, then maybe Cambridge is not too far away? We've been to Crispy's Chicken; it's a take-out joint (they have one bistro table for 2), so we ate in the car. Considering it's easier access than Anna Mae's, we felt it was well worth the drive from Downtown TO (when not rush hour).

            Thanks to the others responses, we're going to have to look for Broasted Chicken now in the Scarborough area.


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              Matty from Parts and Labour posted a picture of a Broaster Machine today, presumably that means they bought one.

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                I never saw the term until I noved to Niagara. I still don't know what it means. Can anyone fill me in?

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                  Broasting is a process for cooking meat (usually chicken, but you can do other meats) using a particular version of a pressure fryer. Pressure frying is exactly like it sounds, like deep frying but inside a pressure cooker, you need special machines to do this. Pressure frying was the big innovation that was behind the early success of KFC, produces a result that is more like pan frying than deep frying in much less time. To be a "Broasted" chicken you have to use the machines made by the Broaster company and also use their marinades and recipes.

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                Unfortunately, Crispy's in Cambridge is now closed.

              3. Yes, in the east, there are two Broasted Chicken joints (owned by the same guy) one at the northwest corner of Alton Towers & McCowan and the other in the first plaza east of Victoria Park on the north side of Lawrence - both are called simply "Broasted Chicken" if you're trying to find them.

                Interestingly, since they are run by a muslim gent, they offer both regular and spicy chicken, plus some interesting options not normally on the KFC-type menu, and quality is pretty good, due to strict halal inspection and handling rules.

                Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Chick-N-Joy in Leslieville at1483 Queen St East also pressure-fried chicken ("Broasted" is of course a brand name, but other manufacturers also make pressure-fryers and are just as yummy).


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                  There's pressure frying and there's pressure frying, Broaster and KFC have both patented versions of their pressure fryer, I believe the trick with the Broaster version is that they inject water into the chamber immediately after the lid closes to help raise the pressure faster. KFC's tech used compressed air for a similar effect. With Broaster if you want to use their name on the product you have to sign a contract that says you will only use their spices and recipes so what's in reality unique about the Broasted chicken vs any other pressure fryer chicken is the spice they use.

                  The primary advantage of pressure frying used to be that it was faster than traditional pan (float) frying (about half the time) but produced a less crispy skin but it was less greasy than deep fat frying. These days people have figured out how to do what they refer to as immersion frying in about the same time as pressure frying without the greasiness, arguably the best fried chicken joint in the world, Gus's in Memphis, uses immersion frying.

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                    Yes, indeedy - Broaster Chicken is "branded" as such at the two above-mentioned Scarberia locations, but Dixie-Lee on Queen is better, IMO, and my fave pressure-fried chicken is still in Port Huron / Detroit area - namely any location of The Chicken Shack and the one-off Chicken-in-theRough at Crystal's.
                    I did not get to Gus' when I was in Memphis (but I DID get to sing at B.B. King's Blues Club! :-)) but Gus's is definitely on my short-list of places to hit on my nest trip down.

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                      Just drove by and the Broasters on Lawrence between VP and Pharmacy is now closed and they were putting up a sign for a new chicken place.

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                        The Somalian place (Cafe Sinai & Restaurant) on the SW corner of Lawrence and Pharmacy used to have it all the time as Fritou chicken, and then the new owners only did it on weekends or with special orders, citing a ventilation problem. Don't know if they've quit altogether. I think Akram's stopped recently as well cuz not enough people ordered it.

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                          I tried to order it a few times at Akram's and they never had it - but they did mention that if I told them ahead of time they'd be able to make it, so it might still be an option?

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                            Ya I would think so as they still have the equipment. It was just too much of a pain to make it and have it not sell.

                2. Not GTA but to SW Ontario list you can add Wheatley as well (Car Barn, I think)

                  1. Just go to KFC or Popeyes. Most fried chicken spots pressure fry their chicken, Popeys is still king imo

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                      Must be the marinade then. Broaster is a great product. Period.

                      Won't touch KFC. Popeye's (Canada) is just ok, IMHO.

                    2. I was wondering if you ever found any broasted chicken in the western GTA? I am in the western GTA and would like to find a place.

                      I have been to Walter's in Port Colborne and Anna Mae's too.

                      When we are in the eastern GTA, we go to Chick-N-Joy. They have locations at 4449 Kingston Rd. at Lawrence & Morningside in Scarborough and another at 705 on Kingston Rd. at Whites Rd. in Pickering. There is also one is Whitby at 3555 Thickson Rd. Website: http://www.chicknjoy.com

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                        Still amazed that this delicious product is so hard to find in the GTA. Had some Saturday at Anna Mae's in Linwood. Pretty sure half of the Apple Butter festival attendees in Wellesley ended up there too. Wait was about 1 hr for lunch at 2pm!

                      2. My fiancee is from Windsor and we just spent a few days out there for her friends wedding, I can tell you that Broasted Chicken is all over the place there!

                        They also had the best fried chicken & waffles in all of Ontario IMO until the place closed last month.. RIP Sweet T's Soul Cooking

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                            Not yet! I am definitely aware of it but for some reason we just haven't trekked over to it yet.. It's in the little Italy area if i recall, right?

                            Have you tried it?

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                              I don't know Windsor enough to say yes or no.

                              We went and loved it. I had the Autostrada burger and it was amazing. Mrs. Sippi had the Shrimp Fuel burger and while it was really good, it wasn't as good.


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                                Interesting on the two differing opinions between you and plug, but one thing is for sure, Windsor is surprisingly great for food, they have a lot of really good spots..

                                Their (Windsor's) pizza is great, it's ALL independant shops, everywhere you go. And I love how they shred all toppings into thin strips, I hadn't seen that before.. Plus they've got broasted fried chicken restos all over the place, Tunnel BBQ and Smoke & Spice for great ribs, donair shops, "chicken delights" (another weird Windsor thing I'd never heard of, a type of chicken wrap. Originates from The Penalty Box but now you can find them all over town), and several other quirky places with above average food (Bubi's Burger Institute is a place my fiancee absolutely loves.. Hope you love garlic! They were featured on Food Network)

                                I have heard nothing but good things about Motoroburger from everybody I've talked to so it's still definitely on my wanting to try list

                                I'm out there every couple months lately so hopefully next visit

                              2. re: duckdown

                                Yes ... its in the l'il italy area and its just 'ok'

                                when i went they couldn't answer my questions on the kobe burger that i ordered which is much more expensive. Is it canadian kobe? wagyu? aussie? japan? ground from?
                                "I don't know" is the reply i got to all the above.

                                I also tried the shrimp burger and the lamb burger ... both were just ok... nothing to go out of my way for.
                                i'm actually quite satisfied eating at Gilligans over Motor.

                                1. re: plug

                                  We've driven by Gilligans a bunch of times, any good? I think she said they have awesome old fashioned milkshakes there

                                  1. re: duckdown

                                    plug, very curious as well about Gilligan's...

                                    Ate at the Gilligan's in Leamington a number of times and always enjoyed it. But that's about 8 years ago now... IIRC, fresh cut fries and interesting options like Elk and Buffalo on the regular menu. 3 sizes I think, including a 1 pounder(?) ... never tried their milkshakes though.

                                    Loved Windsor style pizza as well... but the few different places I ordered from shredded the pepperoni into thin strips but not all the toppings -just the pepperoni, it seems.

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                              Yup... it's all over the Windsor area. Lived in Leamington for a year. Best I have had was at the Car Barn in Wheatley, but it pretty much tastes great no matter who makes it.

                              Still can't figure out why nobody in T.O. is doing it...

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                                theres this place on markham road that i have yet to try.


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                                  I had broasted chicken with broasted potatoes and very fine coleslaw in Leamington for the first time Friday past. It was takeout from the Talbot Trail Inn on Talbot Street. Everything was excellent, but the potatoes were my favourite.


                                  So there you have another spot to find it.