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Apr 3, 2012 06:30 PM

Broasted Chicken

Does anyone know where you can get broasted chicken in the GTA?
There was one small place in mississauga but it changed management and then closed.
I know I can get it in port colborne,fort erie,leamington and kingsville but haven't found any in mississauga,brampton or oakville.

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  1. It's not in the GTA, but you could add Anna Mae's (in Millbank, out Kitchener/Waterloo way) to your list:

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    1. re: Full tummy

      I've been there and it's fantastc.


    2. Not in your neck of the woods but there's one @ Alton towers, mccowan n steeles

      1. There is a Broaster Chicken on Lawrence Ave east between Victoria Park and Pharmacy Ave. It is right next to KFC, on the north side of Lawrence.

        1. Anna Mae's in Millbank is my go to now. The Car Barn in Wheatley when I was down that way.

          I did hear that the Crossroads Restaurant (near St. Jacob's) has it as well, but I have not been.

          Always wondered why someone wouldn't open in the GTA...

          The only thing that comes close IMHO is the Stockyards. (of course, that is FRIED chicken)

          1. We loved Broasted Chicken after trekking out to Anna Mae's (in fact, we loved the whole experience and their chocolate cream pie too!).

            We did some research on broasted chicken and understand it requires patented equipment. We actually emailed them ( to ask which restos in the GTA uses their equipment. Unfortunately, their response at the time (last year) was that no restaurants in the GTA offered official Broasted Chicken, but they did provide a list of restaurants in Ontario.

            You can add Niagara Falls (Falls Manor) and Cambridge (Crispy's Chicken) to your list. If you're looking for the Mississauga/Brampton/Oakville area, then maybe Cambridge is not too far away? We've been to Crispy's Chicken; it's a take-out joint (they have one bistro table for 2), so we ate in the car. Considering it's easier access than Anna Mae's, we felt it was well worth the drive from Downtown TO (when not rush hour).

            Thanks to the others responses, we're going to have to look for Broasted Chicken now in the Scarborough area.


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              Matty from Parts and Labour posted a picture of a Broaster Machine today, presumably that means they bought one.

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                I never saw the term until I noved to Niagara. I still don't know what it means. Can anyone fill me in?

                1. re: dianne0712

                  Broasting is a process for cooking meat (usually chicken, but you can do other meats) using a particular version of a pressure fryer. Pressure frying is exactly like it sounds, like deep frying but inside a pressure cooker, you need special machines to do this. Pressure frying was the big innovation that was behind the early success of KFC, produces a result that is more like pan frying than deep frying in much less time. To be a "Broasted" chicken you have to use the machines made by the Broaster company and also use their marinades and recipes.

              2. re: Steady

                Unfortunately, Crispy's in Cambridge is now closed.