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Apr 3, 2012 06:23 PM

Where is THE best Panna Cotta in greater Los Angeles or Orange County?

Where is THE Best Panna Cotta for a fantastic Teacher, Woman, Wife and Mother (same person)?

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  1. Man, do I love panna cotta. Hungry Cat has a great one, but the best I've had was at a place called Mosti in Marina del Rey, on Washington. it was a tangerine panna cotta-but I think it was seasonal.

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    1. re: schrutefarms

      Mosto has "a" panna cotta on their dessert menu (tangerine or no):

      1. re: Servorg

        Thinking back, the tangerine panna cotta was definitely a special of the night. It was goooood.

    2. Chef Isaac, formerly of Cucina Paradiso in Palms, now at Il Sole on Sunset makes what has to be the best panna cotta I have ever shared a table with. Completely stellar - I have no idea how he does it. Angels, maybe.

          1. re: jaykayen

            a sushi bar, really???

            how's the sushi here too?


            1. re: kevin

              I like the sushi, it is a bit expensive, but I'm not a big eater anyway. Porthos said he likes the udon.

              Here's Elmo's review that I have seen for the first time while looking for Porthos' opinion; Elmo also says it's the best panna cotta.

              I thought the panna cotta was really amazing, I even asked the waitress (possibly owner) how they made it, she seemed amused that I liked it so much, said the sauce was really easy, just frozen berries cooked down with sugar and wine.

            1. re: J.L.

              The Brentwood always made a great :Panna Cotta.