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Apr 3, 2012 05:15 PM

Scallion/Spring Onion/Green Onion Recipes

I always buy a bunch of spring onions and only ever using a couple of them for a dish then wonder how I can use the rest of them up. The bunches always seem to have far too many in them for what I need.

Any suggestions for how I can use them up?

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  1. Anything Korean! Korean groceries sell them for as low as 5 bunches a dollar. They even sell them shreaded. They are used, for example, in a pancake.

    1. Two suggestions

      1) Green onion pancakes.

      2) Ginger green onion sauce

      I do agree that usually a bunch is more than I need.

      1. Thanks - I already do a Taiwanese pancake which looks similar to your picture Chemicalkinetics. The ginger onion sauce looks delicious. I'm thinking it would be good with poached chicken.

        I'll definitely add Korean pancakes to the menu too paulj. Thanks for the ideas so far - love them.

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          "I'm thinking it would be good with poached chicken."

          Agree, agree.

          Another thing I just thought of. The so called Mongolian beef (which isn't really Mongolian) actually calls for quiet a bit of green onion in most recipes. In other words, it is a green onion heavy recipes.

        2. Besides Korean anything (Koreans use LOTS of green onions)

          Fine chopped or minced and added to salad dressings, marinades, BBQ sauces etc
          Chopped with some bell pepper, lightly sauteed in bacon grease, and used to top fried eggs.
          As a garnish for many dishes - macaroni & cheese, steak, stir fry, salads ...
          In many soups or stews
          tacos, burritos, wraps, fried rice, omelets, scrambles, potato dishes ............

          One of my favorites is simply dipping the onions in Korean ssamjang sauce and eating as a snack.

          1. goat cheese + cream cheese + green onions + some finely minced garlic (to taste) = a simple but *really* good spread for crackers. lately i'm into jacob's cream crackers for cheese -- from england but readily available.

            also, green onions are a vital component of knorr's spinach - veg dip (aka, "food of the gods"). use the whole bunch, excluding only the root and the tough part of the leaves (even though recipe says only one or two).