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Apr 3, 2012 04:10 PM

frsoting cupcakes but don't want that sugary taste - mascarpone?

Anyone made anything like this with mascarpone.
What do you use as a sweetener and lightener? Whipped cream?
Can you add cocoa or something else for chocolate?

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  1. I suppose you could make a cream cheese frosting with mascarpone. You can easily find a recipe online or in any general cookbook. You sweeten with powdered sugar, generally. I don't think you'd add whipped cream in a cream cheese frosting but maybe someone does that. Yes, you can add cocoa, although I can't remember eating a chocolate cream cheese frosting, but I don't see why you couldn't do that.

    In general frosting is all about the sugar. A good buttercream frosting is really quite good.

    1. The old fashioned roux-based frosting that was the original frosting for red velvet cake is wonderful. It's not too sweet (only uses a cup of regular sugar for an entire batch) and really light and creamy.

      Here's a thread discussing it:

      1. also, you could do ganache. i wouldn't object. LOL.

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          Ooh, yes, I second that. And you could always whip the ganache if you want a fluffier texture.

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            I need to learn to do that. Never trued that.

        2. Lots of mascarpone frosting recipes out there, if you google mascarpone frosting or mascarpone icing. I think mascarpone needs at least a little icing sugar, if you're going to use it to top a cupcake.

          If you want a less sweet frosting, might consider a lemon mascarpone frosting.

          itryalot, your earlier thread from 2008 is a good resource! ;-)

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            Yeah; I found the few I tried were too sweet. There's progress in 4 years!

          2. i generally whip butter and cream cheese, then add a wee bit of sugar to taste, but it depends what the cake flavor is too. i don't like sweet, but you need sugar to stabilize it.

            whipped cream can be made even less sweet, since good cream has a hint of natural sweetness, but again, depends on the cake.