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Apr 3, 2012 03:30 PM

Thursday night 21st birthday celebration ideas in Twin Cities?

I'm from the West Metro area and my 21st birthday is coming up on Thursday May, 17 and I'm looking for places to celebrate with a bunch of friends. I'm hoping to do dinner and drinks and end the night out dancing and maybe visiting a bar or 2 in between.

I'd love to go to a restaurant where I can sit, eat, and drink for an hour or two with about 10 people and have a very large/vast selection of beer or wine or both available. [maybe they do samples too?]

If possible after dinner it would be great to go dancing somewhere within walking distance of the restaurant to save complications with transportation and parking. 99.8% of my friends are of age so 21+ instead of 18+ would be welcome!

Let me know if anything comes to mind! If there are a couple bars worth hitting up from point A to B I'd love to hear about them as well!

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  1. Downtown seems like the most natural option for this sort of outing. If you're going high end I think it would be fun to start at the La Belle Vie lounge for interesting cocktails and food. If you want to keep things on the cheaper side, I don't know if it's considered great Thai or anything like that, but the King and I lounge usually has food that I like, family-style so you and a bunch of friends can share things, again interesting cocktails, and usually a DJ (not a lot of dancing but it can add to the ambiance). And then you won't be too far from Nicollet Ave or the Warehouse district to walk to the next place.

    First Avenue has a Ritmo Caliente dance night on the 17th, I haven't been to one but it seems like it might be fun.

    1. You could do Pizza Luce, Glueks or the Ugly Mug for dinner and drinks. They are in the best location so you only have to park once. There are a ton of bars around there like Brothers, Bootleggers, Sneaky Petes (has stripper poles). Epic or Spin might be your best end of the night club.