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Apr 3, 2012 03:21 PM

Il Capriccio Review

Hi everyone,

Four of us ate at Il Capriccio for my sister's birthday last evening. There wasn't a complaint to be heard.
For starters, we ordered the sformato di porcini (2 of us had this), the veal carpaccio and the salumi plate. For primi, three of us had wild mushroom/eggplant cannelloni, gnocchi with clams, and rabbit ravioli. For the last course, we ordered the lamb chop special, a haddock dish, and 2 had the pork with prosciutto in a wine and cream sauce. Then two of us ordered desserts of lemon mousse and apple tarte with cinnamon ice cream. Everything, as I mentioned, was superb. The meal was followed by limoncello, brandy and Fernet-Branca. It was a lovely family evening. The tab was a little over $400 after tip and worth every penny.


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  1. I had a fabulous meal there a few years back and have recommended this place to friends and they loved it as well.

    But, this place does get mixed reviews here and I don't really know why. Every person that I hear from, says it's superb, albeit a bit expensive.

    Your meals sounded wonderful.

    1. Held my rehearsal dinner there a couple of years ago and could not have been more pleased with the food, wine or service.

      1. i went there once for a nice dinner with my boyfriend and 2 other couples. we also had a wonderful experience - the sommelier and waiter were both very attentive and the food was excellent. it's definitely one of the best experiences i have had.

        1. Reminds me that it has been way too long since my last vist there. It has aways been a favorite with all great experiences.

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            I had exactly the same reaction. It's been too long. I have never had anything but very-good or great meals at Il Capriccio. It is also a wonderful place for somebody who likes wine but doesn't know much about it. The sommeliers are good listeners and have turned us on to some great stuff over the years.

          2. Hi Everyone,

            Thanks to this board, we were in Waltham last night looking for a nice place to eat. We managed to score a reservation at Il Capriccio for a Monday night (very busy- good sign). We had a lovely dinner. The staff are well trained, especially our waitress who was very well informed. But best of all, the food was perfect. We had the mussels, the sweetbread ravioli with mushroom sause, duck cooked two ways with french lentils, and the beet chevre salad. Everything was perfect. I also liked that the wine by the glass selection was small and welll curated. A definite revisit should I ever be back in Waltham. Thanks for the great recommendation Chowhounders.