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Apr 3, 2012 02:28 PM

Good places to drink coffee?

We'll be in town for a short vacation in May. We'd appreciate recommendations for good places to drink coffee. Centrally located unless you can conince us to use valuable time seeking out an exceptional place. We generally prefer small independent places (no Starbucks)!

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  1. La Colombe has two locations, one near City Hall and the other near Rittenhouse Square.

    1. In Center City, Elixr is your best bet:

      If you want to travel, Ultimo Coffee in South Philly is great, it's not too far from Center City. Could be worth the trip.

      La Colombe is a classic here but Elixr and Ultimo have jumped ahead; doing pour-over cups to order and pulling much better espresso.

      If you are a coffee geek, Shot Tower Coffee in Queen Village (closer than Ultimo) might be worth a small detour, they are the only place in town with a La Marzocco Strada. I haven't actually had the coffee there though.

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        Ultimo is a good place for coffee. Also have some very good light sandwiches and some good pastries, though they are not baked on site. Just watch out for the hipsters.

      2. We really enjoyed Cafe Ole on 3rd St. Not from Philadelphia and we found it by accident after visiting the Jewish Museum. Coffee was great, and the hummos was wonderful-best I've had in a while. ( I think they are Israeli) It happened to be Purim, and the owner (I think) had homemade hamantachen filled with dates which were wonderful. A great little spot.

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            ....which was started by the OP. lol.

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              . . . which was I linked back ;)

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              Wow thanks, can't remember that one....I've obviously been away from this board too long!

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                Thanks again folks, I didn't make it to Philadelphia last autumn (Fall) but will be in town in May. Looks like the recommendations are consistent in both my threads!
                I've used Chowhound to ask the same question for New York and Boston....must have become confused!

            3. La Colombe, Chestnut Hill Coffee, Bodhi Coffee.