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Apr 1, 2012 07:22 AM

Dried Preserved Lemons [split from San Francisco board]

[Note: We've split this thread off from a discussion on the SF Bay Area board, here:

I'd like to make my own *dried* preserved lemons, I know how to preserve them the moroccan way, but I have no clue how to dry them and use them for my homemade "ras al hanut" spice mix...

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  1. None of my recipes include preserved lemon in the spice blend but use it as another ingredient in the dish being made. Are you sure you want that taste in every dish you make?

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      Sure, I use self made dried lemon with pepper or rosemary for my fish disher or baked potatoes. But check this video recipe of 'ras el hanut' spice mix, with dried preserved lemon on it:

      1. re: BaruchNahon

        I guess that's why the lady in the Middle Eastern store laughed when I asked her if they sold ras al hanout. She patiently explained that every family had their own blend. Shack con ah son goo.
        I would just put the peel in a low temp oven or my daughters Excalibur Dehydrator.