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Apr 3, 2012 12:44 PM

Private dining recommendations

I'm planning a small wedding gathering for 20 people in Toronto (or surrounding area) for October.

I've spent countless hours researching but I'm having a hard time putting together a list of options with the limitations I have and would love a few suggestions based on the following:

Must be accessible (have a guest with limited mobility)
I'd like to spend $150 or less pp all in (many in the group do not drink, or at least are light drinkers)
Quite a few guests are unadventurous eaters (George, for example, would not be an option)

I really would like a place with great service and quality "simple" food where all of us can sit at one table.

Are there any restaurants that fit this long list of requirements?

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  1. Hmn... I think your major limitations would be the "one table" and accessibility. Maybe RED's - not sure if they have an elevator. I'd have said Globe Bistro, but their room/space/table is upstairs.

    What places have you already looked at that was good (food-wise) but didn't make the cut? It would help for suggestions - I would have thought George to be fairly inoffensive to anyone...!

    1. I'm way out of my personal experience suggesting this but what about a private dining room at Canoe? Yelp says it is wheelchair accessible and with light/non-drinkers, I think you could do it in your price range, maybe with a set menu that includes steak and other crowd-pleasers. Seems like the kind of place that would do a great job of this service-wise.

      1. Biff's or Le Select might work. Centro's current menu is also conservative, not sure if the washroom is downstairs.

        Keep in mind most restaurants will create a 'group menu' once you've got a group of 20, rather than offering the full menu. Group menus are often more conservative than the restaurant's full menu, and most restaurants will tame a group menu to suit conservative tastes. I'm sure George would be happy to provide a sample 'conservative' group menu for 20.

        1. Thanks jlunar, julesrules, and prima.

          Canoe was on my very short list, but I was concerned with price, and that it may be too businessy. Also Beer Bistro has an accessible private room, but I don't really want a beer centred place since most of us aren't beer drinkers (though they do have an okay wine list).

          Love Globe Bistro, but had to rule that out because of the stairs. Same with Le Select (washroom is downstairs).

          George was turned down by multiple guests, and I'm reluctant to have them draw up a more conservative menu for such a small group. It may be worth a note or phone call though. Reds also won't work menu wise.

          I adore Biff's private rooms but partner wasn't keen on the menu. I may need to relook at it though.

          Essentially, I need a no frills menu that offers steak and caesar salad. A menu such as Sidecar's would work, but with better plating/presentation and an accessible private room. I've considered Jacob's and Harbour 60, though not sure they're in budget or accessible.

          Hadn't thought of Centro. Their event menu would work (assuming they will use for private dining). Will contact them to see if it's an option and if there is an accessible private room for 20.

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            This is a much more casual suggestion but how about Le Papillion "on the park" (on Eastern Ave near the Beaches)?
            Not sure about table configuration but the restaurant does have several areas which are almost like separate rooms, it is accessible, and they definitely have steak frites, steak au poivre, chicken supreme (I am not even sure what that is, but it sounds old school!) and cesar salad :)

            1. re: TO_Dweller

              I recently hosted a private party for 16 at Eight Wine Bar at the Cosmopolitan hotel. The restaurant is on the main floor so the accessibility issue should be ok. Food is very good but also fairly simple (i.e. steak with port reduction, glazed salmon, veg pasta).

              We had them set up 1 large square table but you could do a long rectangular table for 20.

              If you limit the drinks you will be able to go under $150 pp easily.