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Apr 3, 2012 12:32 PM

Montreal food tour

Hi everyone! In May I will be spending a weekend in Montreal and I'd love to go on a self-guided food tour along the lines of this one from the New York City board:
What I'm looking for is for you guys to help me plan a walk of a couple miles through some nice parts of Montreal with, of course, delicious food along the way! I'm not looking for sit-down meals, but rather places that are easy to stop by and grab something small. I'd like to try a good variety.

I'm from NYC and this will be my second time in Montreal. My first trip was last year and I went to: L'Express, Fous Desserts, St.-Viateur Bagels, Juliette et Chocolat, some other bagel places, La Banquise for poutine, Olive & Gourmando for muffins, Muvbox for a lobster roll, Jean-Talon market for produce, et Le Marche de Saveurs for a lot of maple stuff. I loved everything except Muvbox. I don't dislike any foods in particular and I do speak French if that makes a difference. I don't have any budget in mind but I imagine most food tour stops would be of the cheap eats variety.

Rotisserie Romados, Patati Patata, Schwartz's, Oliver Potier, Le Grand Comptoir, La Goulette all sound appealing, but they're kind of scattered all over the place.

I would like my route to include:
- A croissant place (the ones I had at Fous Desserts were good, but I wasn't blown away.
)- Some macarons or ideally a kouign-amann (these are hard to come by in New York)
- A pub or somewhere to stop for a lunchtime beer
- Something savory- my list already has too many pastries on it.
- What other small bites should I add? Things unique to Montreal? Things I won't find in New York? (I've read some other threads on this but I'm not sure which places might be good for a food tour as opposed to sit-down meals.)

Thanks in advance for your help! :)

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  1. A walk up Saint Laurent from the river to Jean Talon would do you fine. Starting out in Old Montreal, going through Chinatown, the Plateau, Mile End up to Little Italy. For the most part there will be things to eat on every block (in between Bernard and Bellechasse you might have some difficulties). Most of it extremely good.

    And if you wanted something organized there is always this:

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    1. re: EaterBob

      If you MUST have something to eat between Bernard and Bellechasse, there is always Adriatica bakery.

      I second the suggestion of walking north on St-Laurent from the river, exploring a little between Parc and St-Denis on perpendicular streets.

      Some personnal favorites on the way:

      Chinatown, there seems to be a new barbeque joint there on Gauchetiere
      Charcuterie Hongroise or Fairmount for some classical Eastern Europe butcher fare and hot cold cut/sausages sandwiches
      Schwartz for smokemeat if you havent experienced it yet
      Librairie espagnole for some iberian products if so inclined
      Fairmount Bagel
      Kouing Amann, for croissant and kouing amann on Mont-Royal

      Final Arrival at JT Market. Without stopovers it's about a 60 to 90 minute walk. With stopovers, you could easily be looking at a leisurly walk that could fill (and you) up for most of the morning and the afternoon.

    2. I think you should try a few of the smoked meat places, just search for "smoked meat" on this board and you'll come up with at least one thread debating which ones are best.

      1. a couple of places to look into.

        - Grumman's 78 (see recent thread) for tacos (check their web thing, they might have a food event while you are there).
        - Boulangerie Guillaume for bread, croissants and other nice baked goods.
        - Point G or La Maison du Macaron for macarons.
        - Le Dieu du Ciel (from 3pm on week days or 1pm on week-ends) for beer or Le Réservoir for beer (and light lunch/brunch)
        - You might be able to get a kebab to go at Lallouz (??) (I think there another kebab place not too far from JTM market).
        - There's a new pretzel store on St-Laurent, just for kicks you could try it out and compare with what you have in NY.


        1. Personally, the one experience I had at the Dieu du Ciel pub was not so hot... preferred Vices et Versa for a beer stop. ( - on St laurent near Beaubien). Close enough to Jean Talon - worth a second visit, go to eat not to shop.

          Dunno if this guy is still doing tours?
          Regardless, there is some good stuff on the website. (More on the cheap-eats side of things)

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          1. re: deadchildstar

            Didn't like Dieu du Ciel? Sacrilege! Just kidding, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But mine is that their beer is the tastiest in all of Canada so I'd recommend a stop, though the earlier in the day the better as it gets pretty crowded. Vices et Versa is good - has a better patio - but isn't a brewery. If you want to taste several from different Québec breweries, then it is a good option...though none of them will be as good as Dieu du Ciel anyway (for sweeping overgeneralization's sake). L'Amere a Boire is my second choice for microbrew. A visit to Benelux is worth it if you want to include a visit to McGill University on your walking tour; it's very close at the corner of Jeanne-Mance and Sherbrooke. Enjoy!

            1. re: foodinspace

              I like their beer but found the brewpub experience unpleasant! For a place to sit and enjoy a drink - not my first choice.

              1. re: deadchildstar

                i have a love hate with them. on nice days they have a terrace that is open until 11pm

                i end up there quite often but it is so terribly noisy inside that it is unpleasant.

          2. montreal is a small city - if you've got the stomach for it, you could hit every place you've mentioned by foot in a single day --- I regularly walk from Concordia to Van Horne --- it takes about 40 - 50 min. You could also get a bixi if you want to be quicker.