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Apr 3, 2012 12:25 PM

Getting to Celler can Roca from Train Station?


I have a booking next week for lunch at ECdCR, I am getting the train to Girona from Barcelona and was wondering how far from station in Girona to the restaurant, is it walkable or does it need a taxi?

Thanks for any help

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  1. About a 30 minute walk, much of it non descript. You can go the tourist office (located 5 minutes from the train station in the old town next to the river) and ask for a city map and direction. Or maybe Goggle map will do. Otherwise, taxi as there is no bus servfice to the restaurant.

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      Many thanks PBSF, depending on waht time we get to Girona am thinking taxi may be the sensible option, maybe a pop to the tourist office prior to pick up map for walking off the lunch later on.

      assuming there is still room inside me, anywhere else of merit worth venturing to in the evening if we stick around, the old family restaurant is there too am I right in thinking? Any good tapas or more traditional drining/eating holes?

      1. re: stanleyk

        Except for breakfast, I have not eaten at any place in Girona (other can Can Roca). If you haven't been to Girona, I would take an early train to Girona, the morning to see the rmedieval part of the city, then stroll to the restaurant. The walk from the old city to the restaurant is much more pleasant then from the train station. The last lunch we had, we didn't get out until 5pm, therefore, not much time left in Girona unless you are staying for the night. I would just train back to Barcelona and spend the evening there.