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Apr 3, 2012 12:13 PM

Nokia Theater - good eats nearby

Hi hounders.

I am going to be downtown for a show tonight, and I am worried about parking since there is a Lakers home game and a concert. So I have been scoping the boards for a place to eat that's at least within a reasonable walking distance of the whole LA live area. But I really don't want to go to a giant chain with crap food and service. Lazy Ox and wurstkuche keep coming up in my search (and both look great), but they seems they going to be too much of a hike.

Umamicatessen is .8 miles away (a sizable, but do-able walk), and seems to be a viable option but I have seen some mixed reviews on here, and am concerned whether the "cafeteria like atmosphere" will be a relaxing place to put some drinks away before a show.

I would appreciate any other suggestions in the area. I definitely don't want to try to do a tasting menu, more looking enjoy a place to grab a few drinks, and some yummy to share with my fellow food lover. It would be great to park the car at 5 and not have to worry about driving again until later. I really hate driving downtown!

Thanks downtown hounders!

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  1. Rivera, colori kitchen, tacos after the show

    "I definitely don't want to try to do a tasting menu, more looking enjoy a place to grab a few drinks"

    I would definitely do Rivera as long as you don't mind $10 cocktails. Hell even Morton's down the street if you can go for their power hour. Roy's is also viable (although not spectacular, certainly serviceable)

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      Riviera definitely came up in my search. I guess the whole 3 dinning rooms really threw me off, but I do love Latin cuisine. Do they have a bar area that we can eat at?

      1. re: SUmoldoll

        yep, they got a nice bar area right when you walk in. Super close to Nokia, I went before a show a few years ago.

        I went for drinks but sat down for food; food was much better than I expected.

    2. Rivera is great! Good bar too.

      1. I've had good experiences with wolgang puck at LA Live. No need to move your car again once you are there.

        1. Rivera is a true find, and you could walk. it's about 1 1/2 blocks from the Nokia center.
          P.S. Google maps says .2 miles.

          1. The Lazy Ox Canteen is great, but you would not survive the walk to Nokia. You'd have to go through a major skid row tent city. Rivera is good, but the portions are small and expensive. There is also The Palm across the street from Rivera.