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Apr 3, 2012 11:44 AM

Good lunch place in St. Pete Beach Drive area

I'm hosting a few people from out of town for a business lunch next week and am thinking Beach Drive would be a nice setting. I've had dinner in most of the restaurants but never been for lunch. Anyone have any suggestions for something nice?

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  1. Here was my weeks worth of eating there. The nicest place and best food was Snapper's IMHO.

    Woody's - water view
    Sea Hags and Billy's marina views

    1. St. Pete Beach or Beach Drive (St. Pete downtown)?

      Great choices in either, just 20 minutes or so apart

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        Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant St. Pete downtown Beach Drive area. Need something to impress associates. Was thinking Cassis, 400 Beach, Marchand's...something like that if anyone is doing something exceptional.

        1. re: fdobbs1

          All good choices! Another to consider is Parkshore Grill, probably tops for food, IMO. Might be a bit lively for serious biz discussions however they do have a private dining room (as does Casis)