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Apr 3, 2012 11:21 AM

Grandparents Wedding Anniversary! Please help

We are taking my grandparents out for their 55th wedding anniversary. We would like to make it a very special experience and I have been living on the West Coast for five years now and am a little out of touch with the Boston dining scene. What are you recommendations for a memorable dinner for approx. 10 people?

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    1. This is probably a haul for your group, but many other posters could recognize something similar in Boston proper.

      My wife and I did our rehearsal family dinner in a private room at Gracie's, in Providence. I think we had a 7-course tasting menu, for about 12-14 people.. they have a couple of rooms of different sizes. Great meal and experience, sitting around the table as a big family..

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        That sounds great. I can talk to the rest of the group to see if Providence is an option. We will all be traveling together in a limo so the distance is not an issue. Thank you for your suggestion!

        1. re: Ashley12

          I best you could find private rooms at places like Bistro du Midi that cater to business diners, or ask about a "chef's table" - that really cuts the noise (well, maybe not a chef's table), and allows you to sit in a family setup. The tasting menu was something my parents hadn't done a lot of, so it was a treat for them

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          Price range? Any type of food preferences? Adventurous eaters? Degree of fanciness? Casualness? Ethnic food a possiblility.
          Otherwise, special occaision , no limit, only 10 people, lets splurge and do a tasting at Menton or L'espaulier!

          1. re: justbeingpolite

            No ethnic food but fairly open otherwise. We have a wide range of palettes...

        3. The first thing that popped into my head was Lock-Ober. Something that is reminisce of days past for them... Although a bit pricy, it just may be that very special experience. Now I want to take MY grandparents there!

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            Mama Maria's has a private room, excellent food, and a beautiful location overlooking Paul Revere Square.

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              This is one of my favorite spots to have lunch in the North End. And I love eating in that room, just lovely. It's all glass isn't it, if I remember correctly.