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Apr 3, 2012 11:15 AM

Monday Night Prime Rib at Lake Chalet, Oakland- reports?

I just discovered that Lake Chalet has a very reasonably priced Monday night prime rib dinner special (see: I have never felt compelled to check out Lake Chalet, based on experiences at Park Chalet in San Francisco in the past, but I might make an exception for the roast beast fan in myouse if anyone could confirm that it's a decent dinner. Anyone with some experience?

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  1. Lake Chalet is a pretty restaurant with a great view and decent happy hour, but I tried the prime rib dinner three or four months ago and give it a big thumbs down. The salad seemed to have been dressed way in advance with greens that were already past their sell by date. Plus their "unique" house dressing just tasted off to me. The prime rib itself had a weird, tough texture and tasted more like beef bouillon than roast beef. I usually love Yorkshire pudding, but theirs wasn't worth eating. The spinach was very good and the baked potato was fine (other than why do restaurants always say chives then give you green onions?). Bottom line: Avoid.

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      Exactly the sort of feedback I was after, and in keeping with my suspicions. Thanks so much for the details! I will most definitely avoid!