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Apr 3, 2012 10:45 AM

sorellina favorites?

I'm planning on going with a group of 6 soon and have not been. I hear it is expensive and a beautiful room with high quality food and wine. True? Well heeled folk who frequent this place, what are you're favorite dishes?

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  1. Best tuna tartar in Boston IMO. Maccheroncelli with kobe beef meatballs is a must share for the table. The veal chop milanese is excellent.

    Enjoy your meal.

    1. A few dishes I had recently and really enjoyed: short rib cappellacci (a special, I believe), grilled octopus on squid-ink couscous, a contorno of eggplant rolatini, passionfruit panna cotta. And I have long loved that maccheroncelli dish, which I sampled and is as good as ever.

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        + 2 on the maccheroncelli. i have never had anything but luscious pasta there, and i hesitate to order it most places.

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          Thanks all: Some clear apps/shared items. RE Entrees, fish/meat pasta all strong?

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            my habit is 3 appetizers there. yes, never been disappointed. much more consistent than some others in its price range and service is top-notch without being stuffy or obtrusive.

      2. Went with a group of six a few months ago and we all agreed that among the six entrees we ordered, the lobster risotto was the best. Not sure if they still have it on the menu. Might have been a special.

        1. Thanks Hounds for your tips and I'm now reporting back. Six of enjoyed this place immensely. The room is gorgeous and when we got there, I remembered that a good friend had designed it. By coincidence I saw him the next day and could tell him how impressed I was. It's a sleek space in off whites, blacks and dark browns. There's a great centerpiece wall sized black and white photo of a tree lined landscape that has a bold abstract feel to it and the clean lines of the L-shaped white stone bar were simple and dramatic. Food was great. Salmon tartare and a fried soft shell crab on a potato mousse and fresh pea veloute (two specials) had great flavors that integrated well. I tried a small portion of the kobe meatballs with maccheroncelli, which was rich and lush but could have used more than three noodles. Montepulciano sauce was excellent: almost a syrupy wine reduction with demiglace. Others had the scallops, halibut, and fillet mignon with wild mushrooms and everyone was thrilled with their meal. i don't view the food as cutting edge but spot on cooking with top quality ingredients, expertly prepared. Desserts were also wonderful. I tried the Mora (white chocolate mousse and blackberry sorbet on a lemon cake round. Passion fruit semifreddo was clean with the fruit taste but the butterscotch pudding stole the show. Sorry to go on (channeling my inner Limster) but the food was good enough to go beyond my usual terse description of the best $1.00 pork bun in Ctown.

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            Really glad you had a great meal. I can only really afford to go to Sorellina during RW but your review makes me want to try it again before that.

            And I know it's not about the chow but I love that room.

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              I've been looking at Sorellina's menu contemplating a visit there and the wine list is just really ticking me off. They have interesting Italian selections but a 300% markup. Give me a break!

              1. re: Bugsey34

                300% doesn't seem that crazy to me - what is the markup that's more typical for other high end places in your experience?

                I know that $14 Kim Crawford bottle from Wegmans or Costco was $44 at Smith & Wollensky recently - seems to be the same ballpark.

                I know Legal is touted for its low wine markups - what is "low" in that context? 200%?

                1. re: Bugsey34

                  I think 3x retail is about the median markup for wines in Boston restaurants. Some places are much more egregious, running 450-500% of retail, while the best run in the 1.5x range (but are extremely rare). In many places, the lowest markups are on the priciest bottles, and vice versa. The analysis in this ancient thread still largely holds up, I think:


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                    I used to work at a very high end restaurant in NYC and it was less than 200, but I guess I must be behind the times... just because everyone is doing it doesn't make it right!