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Apr 3, 2012 10:25 AM

Best Chicken Wings-Northern NJ

We're looking for the best chicken wings in Northern NJ/Rockland County. Let me preface that we are not in search of just Buffalo Wings but a variety of different styles and sauces to select from.

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  1. Don't laugh, but one of my favorite places for wings is Houlihan's.. specifically the Thai Chile wings.

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    1. re: MarlboroMan

      Hands down best wings,

      Sharky's, Clifton

      I see there is a new location in Boonton, must have just opened.

      Egans and Sons in Montclair also have great wings.

      1. re: bifpocaroba

        Went to Sharky's last night based on this review. Either it was an off night OR you have never been to Duff's or Anchor Bar in Buffalo! The wings are awful here! Scrawny wings overcooked and dry with no meat! Sorry but def NOT a place to recommend! They do have Heineken on tap though?,

      2. re: MarlboroMan

        Not laughing, been going to Houlihan's just for those wings and to tolerate their mundane beer selction. Those wings are really excellent !!

      3. Kickin Chicken in Haledon has some good ones but I think the Dutch House in Fair Lawn might have the best ones. For a different sort of wing- more italian with peppers and onions, Anthony Franco ( i think that's the name- new coal fired pizza place) in Ramsey has really good ones. They are opening in Clifton too.

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        1. re: scholar399

          Anthony Franco might be a chain because one opened in Verona about a year ago. seems like they are popping up all over.

          1. re: scholar399

            Can't add anything about wings, but just wanted to say in passing, how much I miss the DH. Sort of "grew up" there.

          2. Jimmy Geez in Haledon. Various hot sauces.

            1. Buffalo's Chicken Shack in Wood-Ridge. Best wings in the area, hands down. They have a variety of saues/flavors, and a lot of other southern/soul food favorites,


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              1. re: zhelder

                A big thumbs up for Buffalos in Wood-Ridge, also. I liked the Jerk sauce, and regular Buffalo. You can get a sampler of 15 wings, and you pick 3 different sauces. Oh, and their fried chicken is awesome. (that's the problem with writing on these's 7am and I want chicken wings!)

              2. I'm a fan of Korean style wings vs. Buffalo style-- My favourites include

                Mad for Chicken in Bergenfield- Korean style wings (my dude's favorite)
                Unidentified flying chicken in Tenafly- (I prefer these, especially with the pickled daikon)

                BTW: Rt 303 (Livingston street) in Northvale is the K- style wing corridor...last glance, there's at least 4 places within 1 mile.

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                1. re: sixelagogo

                  good to know. any one recommended? next time i play golf at rockleigh, it's right there. which one for some wings and a beer? or are they takeout places only?