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Apr 3, 2012 10:25 AM

What's for dinner #136 [OLD]

Since we're beyond 300 posts again, I've taken the liberty to start a new thread.

It's a beautiful sunny day in Happy Valley, although it's still on the chillier side. I have absolutely no clue WFD @casa lingua tonight. Got a kickboxing class that runs 7-8 (prime eatin' time for us), no way I'll eat beforehand lest I plan on throwing up on my sparring partner '-) .... and may not be hungry afterwards. I most *definitely* won't be cooking after I get back.

Perhaps our ingenious contributors will inspire me? What's on YOUR plate tonight?

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  1. Don't know yet, as I'll have a plethora of choices when I have apps and wine with a good friend tonight at what I consider one of the better local chain restaurants (small chain - Not Your Average Joe's). My friend has two boxes of Thin Mints for me. I mean, I'll have to pay for 'em, but still....MINE. So no homecooked meal tonight (although I do have two bi/so Frankenchicken breasts defrosting in the freezer. I guess that's dinner tomorrow.

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    1. re: LindaWhit

      An amazing dinner out - two appetizers - a salad of mixed greens topped with warm almond crusted goat cheese, raspberries, caramelized pecans and raspberry vinaigrette, and then Shrimp Mozambique - crispy semolina coated shrimp with spicy garlic-saffron aioli. I'm *so* going to make this at home soon!

      1. re: LindaWhit

        And you're going to share how you made it, right?!!? That sounds great.

        1. re: weezieduzzit

          If I figure it out, I sure will! LOL These weren't large shrimp - probably medium. The bartender said they were fried, so they could be quickly fried in a small amount of oil. I think. :-)

        2. re: LindaWhit

          Oh that all sounds outrageously good Linda. Did you save room for the thin mimts?!! ; - )

      2. i love that "throwing up" is the lead-in to our beloved cooking thread....!
        you really don't get hungry after a work-out like that? i come back starving.

        as posted in the old thread, Frizzle's fantastic fennel beans, warmed up, and some kind of spicy chicken thigh prep. that's all i've got so far....

        1. Last night I made chicken corn soup PA Dutch style. Tonight we are having chicken fried rice. Had leftover rice from Thai over the weekend and leftover broccoli because I never know how much to buy, plus a bunch of carrots and there are peas in the freezer.

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          1. re: melpy

            Sounds yummy. I plan on making chicken corn chowder next week! It's on my "things to eat" list.

          2. Gonna start with some Fried Dill Pickles..........
            BBQ Swimps...........
            Salad...With Y'all Come Back Dressing...........
            Chocolate Ice Cream.........

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            1. re: Uncle Bob

              Y'all come back dressing? Do tell!

            2. Last night was one of those "what can I pick up from Dollar Tree?" nights that turned into a boyfriend's-on-Spring-Break-let's-buy-vodka night that turned into an unexpected-friend-showing-up-for-movies-and-drinks night. We ended up having pizza with pepperoni, pineapple and olives (cheap toppings courtesy of Dollar Tree, with a homemade sourdough crust) and Svedka vodka and grapefruit (courtesy of the neighbour's grapefruit tree) and supermarket chocolate cake (courtesy of the unexpected guest). A very satisfying meal, actually.

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              1. re: BananaBirkLarsen

                BBL. between the 'throwing up on my sparring partner" from LF, and your vodka and dollar store menu, we are off to a hillarious start to thread # 136!

                I have enjoyed the very discounted (but same as expensive grocery store) pepperoni at my local dollar store, bought for pizza topping, so I get where your coming from.

                I like it, and the vodka and free grapefruit juice from the neighbor's tree:) Wish we could get that here in my neck of the woods. Best bet in the NW for cocktail juice would be apples in September...

                1. re: gingershelley

                  Aaaaaaaaaaahahahaha! I'm so glad you punctuate properly, gingershelley, 'cause I sure don't read that way!! I read your post and all I could think was, "gingershelley lives where they grow vodka trees, lucky beeya...".....

                  1. re: mamachef

                    Oooh a vodka tree! And I thought I was lucky to be able to pick fresh grapefruits!

                    1. re: mamachef

                      I sorry if I got excited, and my saying I 'liked it", let directly to the vodka and the grapefruit tree... didn't mean to say they were all growing together.

                      Tho, clearly, many of you wish it was possible to have a vodka and grapefruit tree!

                      I guess I would want my apple tree to be flowing with calvados and hard cider to accompany it's fruits!

                    2. re: gingershelley

                      I am consistently amazed by what I can find at the dollar stores here. Although I've found better pepperoni in the past (this stuff was greasy).

                      You're in Seattle, right? What about raspberries or blackberries? I grew up in BC (and went to school just across the water in Victoria) and there were blackberries all over the place at certain times of the year. I bet a blackberry cocktail would be great.

                      1. re: BananaBirkLarsen

                        Well, BBL, we Do have amazing blackberries and raspberries, but they sure won't be at the dollar tree, and none fresh locally until late summer. I look forward to those local berries! Delish...

                        I still like going out to pick the blackberries on certain paths that you know aren't sprayed. Tho those are not local berries, but Himalayan blackberries that all of cut back if they are not our property - just glad some people don't do it, as that's what I make jam and pies with!

                        1. re: BananaBirkLarsen

                          Ooooh. Blackberries are everywhere here (well, not quite yet, but they will be).
                          Blackberry cocktail is going on my to-do list!

                          1. re: L.Nightshade

                            I'm with you on that one LN, a blackberry cocktail would be almost better than a pie. Here's looking at you, August!

                            Now if only sooner than that, I can get my hands on some of our ethereal, bursting with flavor, do-not-transport local stawberries this year, I will be happy in early June:)

                        2. re: gingershelley

                          Used to exercise polo ponies through the grapefruit groves in the the Coachella Valley, and we would always wear loose shirts and stuff them with grapefruits!

                          This thread has definitely gotten off to a crazy start!