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Apr 3, 2012 10:03 AM

Smoked Easter dinner?

I have a bunch of picky eaters, including kids, for Easter. Seafood, ham and lamb are both out. But I do have a boyfriend with a smoker, who is willing to smoke a pork shoulder. We're thinking of doing it with a sweet sauce, then build side dishes around it. Is that nuts? Too far from the traditional?

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  1. Why not? Traditional always seems to be ham, lamb and brunch, so all three are out given what you've already listed.

    The only traditional beasts that you haven't listed on your menu are bunnies and chicks but if they're not going to eat ham and lamb, they're not going for the other two proteins.

    1. We made smoked ribs one Easter and it was dang delicious! It was a fun and tasty departure from the usual Easter fare. Tradition is what you make it -- this sounds like a good one to start.