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Apr 3, 2012 09:59 AM

Dango Mochi & Mar Vista breakfast

Are there any places on Sawtelle where you can get Dango Mochi (the little mochis on a stick)? I'm visiting for Easter weekend, and am staying on Sawtelle and have been looking up all the yummy Japanese restaurants (and Blockheads), but can't find some dango which I'm really craving lately.

Also, what are the best places for breakfast in Mar Vista. Bonus if they sell good chilaquiles.

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  1. One of the Best Chilaquiles in LA can be found at Peppy's Galley in Mar Vista. It's in the Mar Vista Lanes bowling alley, which is at the corner of Venice and Grand View Ave.

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      And if dshea does get the chilly's at Pepy's please make sure to ask for a side of the "chunky" red salsa with it. You can have it with 2 eggs as well. I normally get it with the eggs over easy.

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        One extra note to dshea77:

        Pepy's Galley is cash only.

        It's also the safest restaurant in L.A. The place is always filled with police officers.

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        I like it when they make em green with the salsa verde.

      3. You might wanna check out the Nijiya Market. They might have pre-prepared dango. I haven't noticed any other place on Sawtelle that might have it. The Nijiya also has an outdoor grill where they make fresh okonomiyaki for real cheap!

        1. The very best chilaquiles in town are found at La Serenata on Pico, in West LA. They are offered on the menu with the weekend breakfast with red or green sauce, but if you ask nicely they will make them with other sauces (at least that has been my experience). For anyone who enjoys a medium+ to spicy heat level, the chilaquiles con molcajete are life-altering.

          And close to Mar Vista.

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            If you are ever farther east check out the chilaquiles at Los Anaya on W Adams (and generally wonderful Mexican food). See the thread about it here: