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Apr 3, 2012 09:58 AM

Great food and environment for college visit - fish oriented would be great

Visiting our daughter at Boston University and looking for a fish geared restaurant - great food - great ambiance - how is Trade on the water and Meyers and Chang (I know this is Asian but looked interesting)?? Thanks

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  1. Island Creek Oyster Bar is tops.

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    1. Not be overly nitpicky, but Trade isn't on any body of water. It is very close to the Fort Point Channel, but the restaurant looks back at the Financial District. Most folks seem to be fond of the smaller plates and flat breads there. The larger items have not been as popular. Definitely not seafood driven like Island Creek.

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        technically, trade is on russia wharf, but you cannot see the water from inside. meyer's and chang is terrific and fun, but chinese, with plenty of meat offerings. not a fish-centric menu. is sushi a possibility? oishi, across the street fro m&c, does a great lunch special.

        sam's, on the waterfront, has a kinda new chef, a gorgeous view, moderate pricing and a menu that changes often. good seafood when i have been.

        plus 10 on island creek.

      2. island creek oyster bar is one of the most raved CH restnts in boston.large room but attractive and comfortable and conversation is possible. Top service. Lobster roe noodles with lobster and shortrib and chanterelles - i can't not order this there, plus the really amazing table biscuits. Many threads if you do a search. Myers+Chang is a very warm, bustling, happy place.The menu is a bit inconsistent in that some items are just o.k., but there are many that are stellar. Again, do a search and many specific recs will come up for them. Trade has not had much positive comment here.If you're around for sunday brunch, East Coast Grill is fantastic in Cambridge; very popular w/ young people and old hippies as well.really fun, warm, welcoming atmosphere; seafood and latin/mexican influences, fresh oysters, BBQ. Myers+Chang also open for sat lunch and sun brunch.

        Must reserve in advance.

        1. The Daily Catch has a small outpost in Brookline, on Harvard St.

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            I love Island Creek but if you want to be on the water Legal Harborside is very good (I know it's a chain but this one has an innovative menu, great views, and I've liked it!).

          2. Totally back up the Island Creek oyster bar for a BU visit. Swing into Eastern Standard before in order to grab a cocktail for you and a soda for your daughter...unless she is 21, of course!