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Apr 3, 2012 09:47 AM

Best Argentinian Parilladas and Facturas in Miami?

I'm visiting in June from Austin, TX. One of the things I want to do is have a good Parillada and facturas Argentinas (want genuine medialunas, which we do not have in Austin.) It’s been ages since I’ve been to Argentina. I miss this food, terribly. My family is from Argentina, so I know what great Argentine food should taste like.

I did a little investigating and came up with these Argentinian Parilladas in Miami. Can you advise on which one is best, or if you know of a better one?

- La Parrilla Liberty Argentinian Steakhouse

- Graziano's Restaurant

- Patagonia

- The Knife (


I also came across this recommendation for facturas:

- Confiteria Buenos Aires Bakery & Café

- La Estancia Argentina

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  1. Graziano's on Bird Rd.

    1. I'll second the Graziano's rec. Specifically the one on Bird Rd. I've heard Patagonia is good, but never been. The Knife is good if you're more into quantity than quality.

      1. Graziano's is probably a class above the other parrilladas in town. I go to the Coral Gables location, but have heard - as you see said here - that the Bird Rd. location is better.

        For baked goods, my favorite is Buenos Aires Bakery on Collins Ave. near 71st Street. Never really noticed much in the way of baked goods at Estancia Argentina, which is more of a supermarket & butcher shop than a bakery.

        If you're looking to not travel too far, Las Vacas Gordas is a nearby parrillada whch is my second choice to Graziano's (though that's more for its geographic proximity to my house than anything else).

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          Patagonia in Doral has an authentic Argentian vibe -- always alive unlike anything else in Doral -- and its branches in Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and South Miami will satisfy the hole in the Tex-Gentina sweet tooth if you want it casual and cool, but on styrofoam.On the other hand, these are good casual places for wine as well, with cheap corking and real glass.

        2. I live near Las Vacas Gordas, which is at Normandy Circle on Miami Beach, so always go there. The place has a lot of brio and we like the parillada and the enrollada.

          LOVE Buenos Aires Bakery for breakfast pastries, empanadas, sandwiches, and cakes. Just be sure to take a number!

          1. A bonus of the Graziano's on Bird is there is a Graziano's Market within walking distance where you can get some facturas at the bakery to go (their empanadas are also very good). There's all kinds of Argentine products to take back to Austin too. If you end up at the Gables location there's also a Graziano's Market, but a few blocks away.

            If you want to go full on Argentine there's locations of Manolo in South and Mid-beach. It's horrible but if you want dulce de leche churros that's the place to go.

            Also if you're looking for Argentine gelato there's Dolce Vita with locations all over the city (there's more gelato places in Miami than ice cream).

            Of the places you mentioned The Knife is probably the lowest on the list.

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              Manolo is terrible. The churros at Buenos Aires Bakery down the street are 10x better.

              1. re: Frodnesor

                Thus my "it's horrible but" description of Manolo's. Didn't know BAB had churros. Even though I haven't had them there I'd roll the dice and go for those. Manolo's are good if they're fresh, otherwise meh. Does BAB serve them fresh or do they sit out?

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                  what's the word on Lo de Lea on Biscayne?

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                    both - obviously better when fresh but even when they've been sitting out they're much better than Manolo's. We've placed orders to pick up a couple dozen for the kids to bring to school on birthdays and the like, and they're the heroes of their class.