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Apr 3, 2012 09:37 AM

Bangalore - Mangalorean delights at Soul, Svenska Design Hotel

Soul, a casually elegant restaurant at the lobby of the newish Svenska Design Hotel in Bangalore's Electronic City offered some dining gems in this culinary desert part of town.

What I had:

- Chenna kebab, delicately soft patties made from reduced cow's milk and yoghurt, flavored with green cardamom, pepper and mace. Each of the grilled patties fell apart at the merest touch of my fork, revealing a creamy interior. They were rich, but the yoghurt lent a welcome sourish spike;

- Mangalorean prawn curry, whilst not reaching the divine heights of Naren Thimmaiah's cooking at Karavalli in downtown Bangalore, was pretty good in its own right - the freshest, most succulent prawns bathed with a coconut creme-infused spicy curry;

- Appam, the moist, heavy pancakes from the Malabar coast. Deliciously sourish from the use of fermented rice flour, enriched with coconut milk - the pancakes were the *perfect* accompaniment to the Mangalorean prawn curry;

- Kulfi, that fantastically nutty pistachio ice-cream - unmissable here.

Friendly, polite and efficient service, and prompt serving of food made this dinner an absolute delight.

Address details
Svenska Design Hotel
56D Electronic City I
Bangalore 560100
Tel: +91 80 4431 0000

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  1. Looks absolutely delish.

    What's the green sauce with the kebabs?

    Are you spending all your time in Electronics City? :-(

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    1. re: huiray

      It's a coriander leaf-based dip - sourish from the use of Indian-style yoghurt.
      No, not all the time here in Electronic City, but traffic's terrible to move from one place to another here in Bangalore - a 10-mile journey can take 2 hours in rush hour jams from 5.30pm till 8.30pm on weekdays!