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Apr 3, 2012 08:26 AM

Restaurants in/near Bethlehem

My son will be attending Lehigh in the Fall....and I'm looking for restaurants in the area that are chow recommended....some high end, some just fun!

In the realm of fun - I heard a rumor of an Amish style place with outstanding fried chicken and, anyone?

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  1. depending on where you stay some are within walking distance of Lehigh
    Apollo Grill
    Tapas on Main
    Emeril's Chop House at the Sands Casino
    Emeril's Italian Table at the Sands Casino
    Bethlehem Brew Works for award winning beers and decent pub food
    There are more great places in Easton, Allentown and Center Valley

    1. No Amish near Bethlehem.- and fried Chicken is not an Amish specialty anyway.

      However, there are many Amish vendors (from out of the area)at the Allentown Farmers Market, Thursday through Saturday.

      1. I went to Lehigh.

        I can absolutely recommend Edge, Apollo Grill, and Starfish on the upper-end of the price spectrum. Whenever my friends or I had some extra cash or parents visiting or something, those would be our choices. Bookstore is also very good. Mama Nina's has some pretty good Italian, but it is BYOB.

        I can also absolutely suggest Bethlehem Brew Works. I spent a lot of time there, and they have a number of tasty beers. The food is also quite good.

        Finally...a couple other recommendations on the lower end of the price spectrum. None of these places are the height of culinary achievement, but they are a nice step out from the ordinary, especially for a kid in college. Yocco's has some tasty hot dogs. Starters is a sports bar up the road from the university, and we would go there every Sunday during football season to watch the games; they have every NFL game on, the beer is cheap enough, and the food is tasty enough. Within walking distance of the University is Olive Branch, where I would occassionally enjoy schwarma and meat pies. Nawab, also in walking distance, has decent Indian food. The hoagies at Goosey Gander, down on W 4th, are very good.

        All of that said, he's probably still gonna end up, when not eating at the dining facilities on campus (which are pretty good), buying cheap pizza from Campus Pizza or grabbing a sub from Wawa.

        Also, MacGrady's, on E 3rd, was where we usually went to imbibe.

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          Tulum, a Mexican restaurant right near campus, is very very good. Their specialty is burritos, everything is delicious and fresh, and they make their own hot sauces which are amazing!!

        2. we ended up eating at Horns - really funky and fun. Loved everything we had - felafel, Cubano and chicken tacos. The vibe was great and we all appreciated the organic emphasis. Will keep this list as I anticipate many trips to the area.