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Apr 3, 2012 08:17 AM

A nice restaurant near Sheraton Centre (123 Queen St. W.) for 20 people please

My manager asked me to find a restaurant near Sheraton Centre that “can hold 20, ideally (not required) private room, great food, and can walk to. And it’s a bonus if can add new/trendy.” Your recommendations please. Many thanks!

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  1. I checked Nota Bene. However, their private room is not available at the date that we want. However, do you think that it could be a candidate? Also, Blowfish at 333 Bay doesn't have private room available. Could it also be a candidate? Are there more?

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    1. I can't think of any trendy restaurants located within walking distance of the Sheraton that can handle groups of 20 and serve great food.

      Maybe TOCA at the Ritz? Reviews seem mixed. I haven't been.

      Jump isn't new or trendy, but it probably has a room that could hold 20. Jump serves conservative, good food.

      Volos could handle a group of 20. It's not trendy, but it's relatively new. It's a nice Greek option downtown. Good service and a contemporary atmosphere.

      1. Nothing new & trendy but:

        Yuzu > not new, not trendy. Does have good food + room
        Bannock > newish, trendy, no room.
        The Gabardine > you could take the entire resto, almost. Buy out?
        REDS > room. okay food.

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          Thank you all for your recommendations! I won't consider Reds this time as my managers (all Partners) have been there recently. Among George and Turf Lounge, where likely have the rooms that we need, which one would you prefer? The reviews on Stock is not so good, would you not to consider it at all? If sitting at an open area of a restaurant, which one would you prefer - Nota Bene, Blowfish, Colbourne Lane, Lucien, Bravi? Could Starfish be an option too?

          1. re: chutchut

            Starfish is too small for a group of 20.

            Lucien is also quite small for a group of 20.

            The food at Bravi was underwhelming and extremely overpriced.

            Maybe check with Carisma to see if they'll serve a group of 20. The food at Carisma is much higher quality than what Bravi was serving last fall.

            Paganelli's ( ) serves better food than Bravi, and can handle groups of 20.

            1. re: chutchut

              I prefer George. And they have private room options. Stock is not an option (sorry about the pun). TOCA was great when we were a group of 14 (obvious suits and expense accounts-we were completely fawned over) but when a party of 2-service was crap. Nota Bene is always solid. I haven't been to Bay street blowfish yet. CL- once upon a time but not now. Lucien no, Bravi about Marben? It's trendy a bit of a walk but not bad....

              1. re: ingloriouseater

                George's private dining room is not available at our planned date. I gave my manager this afternoon the options of Lee (private dining room), George/Lucien/Carisma (all semi-private area), and the name of Ruth's and Hy's (both steakhouses are within 4-minute walk from Sheraton), my manager said to go with Carisma. Would you all agree with Carisma? I checked the reviews and it seems that most are keen on Carisma's food/service and some don't like its dessert and decoration. Is that so? Would Carisma be a good choice?

                1. re: ingloriouseater

                  Also, a colleague said that she likes Turf Lounge, while another said that he doesn't. Do you think Turf Lounge a good option?

                  1. re: chutchut

                    Just an update: We finally went with George (at the front area) instead of Carisma. I went for site inspection and felt that the space at Carisma could be tight for our group and the noise level is also higher. Also, George is closer to Sheraton. Carisma would be an option for a less fomal occassion. Thanks everyone!