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Apr 3, 2012 08:17 AM

looking for Hungarian bakery (local CT or mail-order)

One of my friends recently visited Budapest and came home looking for any source that can provide Hungarian-type baked goods (she's particularly looking for an Esterhazy cake). Can anyone recommend a bakery of this type within an hour or two of New Haven, or one that can does good mail order? -- If not Hungarian, an Austrian (Viennese-type) bakery would do.

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  1. Well, It's in Queens, so it makes the two hour limit, PLUS they Ship

    Andre's Hungarian Strudels and Pastries is the best Hungarian bakery I have found in the northeast. I worked in Budapest in the late 80s and am spoiled, my ex's grandmother was from Budapest and her mother from Vienna so I had the homemade versions for years, as well.,

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      Yes, Andres! It really is run by Hungarians, and baked by Hungarians. Don't be surprised if Rose (the anya - I think that's her name) sends you an unfriendly, all-business, email. Don't let anyone recommend Hungarian Pastry Shop up by Columbia, it's owned by Greeks (nothing wrong with that, but he's looking for Hungarian)

      Does anyone else remember Mrs Herbst on 81st and 3rd?

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        Yes, Rose is the grandmother, all business, but makes great baked goods. I love Dobosch Torte and Kokosh, not on the website, but have gotten it in the shop at times.

        I do remember Mrs. Herbst, but I used to go to Veronica's in Westchester next to Pergament which made the best mun cake (poppy in yeast dough) this side of Budapest.

        But all is left is memories, so Andre's is my go to supplier.

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          Oh, the memories! I remember my gramma arriving at our house upstate, shopping bags in hand, filled with strudel from Mrs Herbst's. Much to my mom's horror, I learned to access the freezer and use a sharp serrated knife at age five getting my fill of those treasures. They were so good that I (the pickiest eater in the history of eaters) would even eat the poppy seed or cheese strudel when it was down to those two.

          When my grandmother was pregnant with my father, she arrived at Mrs. Herbst's shop just as they had locked the door. She never forgave them not opening to store to her till years later. (How unlike my gramma to hold a grudge!)

          When my dad was about 4, my gramma relented and brought him to the shop. She pointed to my dad and told the owner, "See this boy? He's my son. When I was pregnant with him, you wouldn't open the shop to me!" (How odd for my grandma to want to make someone feel guilty!) The owner then apologized and vowed that for the rest of his life, my dad could have anything he wanted in the pastry shop, free-of-charge.

          He already had my grandparents for a mom and dad, how much luckier could my father get? Yup, anything he wanted, free of charge from the best Hungarian pastry shop for life!