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Apr 3, 2012 07:17 AM

Apizz or Da Andrea or other?

In NYC for 4 nights. Already have a reservation for Mas (farmhouse) for one night and am trying to figure out the others. I have searched the Manhattan Board for weeks, but still trying to figure out choices. I don't eat meat, so thought one night of italian would be good. Have been to Babbo, Lupa, Scarpetta, but looking for something we haven't tried yet. Anything with seafood would also be good. Price is not the issue, just good food with veg friendly options for me. Suggestions?

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  1. da andrea is my go-to restaurant but i wouldnt call it a destination sort of place...especially since you're from out of town.

    i like dell'anima on 8th ave...especially the first time. the menu doesnt change enough for me but their pastas are excellent and its a good atmosphere.

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      Thanks very much for the help. Would you also suggest Maialino or Osteria Morini if we could get in (of course, not all in the same trip!)

      1. re: Phoenix

        While I like Maialino or Osteria Morini, I don't think they would be good choices for non-meat eaters.

        I'd look into Marea, Lincoln, Ciano, or Esca. For something more moderate, maybe Peasant or L'Artusi.

        As suggested above, I'd skip Da Andrea. It's a fairly ok neighborhood restaurant but won't impress an out-of-towner. I haven't tried Apizz.

        1. re: peter j

          Marea is a good choice especially since the OP doesnt want meat and prefers seafood. I love Osteria Morini, and Esca is even a good choice for "italian" or "Batali" fish. D'Andrea, I've been going to since they were on Hudson St. It is a comfortable place with high quality food, but I don't think it is going to impress. However, I was there Sunday and had delicious mussels marinara, and papardelle with sausage ragout gravy. So D'Andrea wouldn't be a terrible choice, but to impress, Marea is a way bettter choice. I have never been to Apizz

          1. re: foodwhisperer

            Have done both Da Andrea and Marea. Found both to be good but the meat dishes at Da Andrea were the highlights especially the pasta with sausage and the pizzettes. However Marea is a whole other level. Seafood is the name of the game and it is amazing. The fusili, astice and polilpo were the best. I would definitely make the effort to go there.

            1. re: melpy

              The vegetarian dishes at Marea are also good such as the funghi risotto. In addition to the fusili, astice, and polilpo, the crab spaghetti, risotto mare, and the scallops entree are excellent.

    2. Thanks for all the suggestions, particularly the recommendations for a non-meat eater. Reserved at Esca (which we have been to before and love), and will definitely look into Marea. Any other suggestions much appreciated.