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Apr 3, 2012 06:50 AM

Fundraising dinner for ~200 people, 100$pp or less, Video

My wife is in charge of a fundraising dinner for about 200 people. The venue needs to have capability to show a 40 minute video (which is professionally produced, and would benefit from large screen/great audio) as well as the usual speeches, etc. To maximize fundraising, would like to keep price less than 100$pp, preferably less than 75$.

Looking at State Room, have used Omni Parker in past.

Also would be interested in cheaper options/buffet-type catering with better projection facilities. I am thinking about something like ART in Cambridge - was there once for mount Auburn Hospitals "evening with your favorite authors" with light dinner afterwards (carving stations with sandwiches/ salad). Thanks for any help or experiences... this is way out of my knowledge base.

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  1. FYI, this is for a Nepali healthcare charity, if that brings anything to mind.

    1. I'd be shocked if you could do the State Room for under $100pp. It is a beautiful room, though.

      I'd give Catalyst a call. 200 people might be pushing their size limit, but that private event space is pretty large.

      1. the national heritage museum in lexington has a large room that could accomodate that group, and has video wall. their rental rates are v reasonable. you'll need a caterer and they have a list.

        dante alleghieri?(sp) hall in east cambridge(near Kendall Cinema) i have heard about for low cost functions as well.

        maybe something in charlestown navy yard as well.

        maybe a nepali restnt could cater it; 2 in somville i think.

        1. the i.c.a. and the aquarium both do reasonably priced catering in cool settings, with video capacity.

          also check with harvard and m.i.t.

          if it's a weeknight, you can get the state room for under $100 pp. might not be the great room, but they have big ancillary rooms with nice views on either side.