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Apr 3, 2012 06:35 AM

Vietnamese beyond pho--Lily's Sandwich

For those interested in pig knuckles, tripe soup, bo kho, bahn cuon, crab and conch vermicelli, curry, fish stew, crayfish, frog legs, and other authentic Vietnamese small dishes beyond pho, bun and com, check out Lily's Sandwich. They have an excellent bun bo hue and bavarian cream puffs too (absent Beard Papa's in Austin) at good prices.

I've had their sandwiches and Baguette House's, and I prefer Lily's. They're bigger and cheaper, and the fillings are tastier. The owner is honest.

No ambiance--but who cares about that?

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  1. I find the service lacking there. And the sandwich fillings (I usually get grilled pork) alternate between warm and as cold as the service. On the plus side, last time I was there I asked for a "wet" sandwich - "put some extra mayo or whatever is on there". What I got was some sort of whipped butter - possibly with mayo in it, which was an interesting change of pace.

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      What service? It's definitely more a cafeteria a la Asia Cafe than a restaurant. I've never tipped there. The owner has always been friendly to me though: once when I asked for some cream puffs, he could have given me the ones in the display case, but he went in the back and got me fresh hot ones.
      If you want a hot sandwich, it helps if you ask for your sandwich toasted.

      1. re: conquer

        I've never had to ask for "toasted" before to get non-cold meat fillings. As for "service", I expect the guy to acknowledge me when he finishes with the customer in front of me, rather then looking through me to the customer standing behind me and taking their order. He's the only working the front and knows I haven't been helped yet. And then when I interject, he still proceeds to finish taking the order behind me and making that order before mine. The second time it happened I just thre up my arms and walked out. And when he does speak, he often mumbles and it's hard to tell WTF he's saying. But when I hear him talking to others, he speaks much louder.

    2. As I've said before on here, the Bun Bo Hue at Tan My is awesome. It's not for the faint of heart, but if you're adventurous, it's f'n delicious.